Winnipeg HRC Minutes (May 2011)

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee
Meeting Minutes | May 17, 2011Present: Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAulay, Chris Gagne, Marc Danis, Gloria Kelly, Ken Friesen, Tanya Lageye, Allison Gagne, Steven Cabak, Kim Murrell, Craig Wood, Chris Davis.

5:10 – meeting called to order: Chris Davis
• Reviewed Minutes to Previous meeting.
– Members engaged in conversation on the definition of Gender Identity
– Moved to accept minutes: Darlene, Seconded: Steven
• Members discussed bill 160 – materials passed out to members.
• Members discussed Anti-Homophobia day (May 17, today), members reviewed related materials, such posters, CLC handout , latest Jeffrey Vallis newsletter, Ad in pride guide
• Members discussed Asian Heritage month (May), members discussed handout from
• Members discussed next meeting, proposed sept or oct. Committee will follow-up.

Speaker: Sherri Helgason | Director, National Aboriginal Initiative | topic: CHRC National Aboriginal Initiative
– Presentation attached
– Members participate in lively discussion, hitting topics such as, CHRC complaint process and the Repeal of Section 67

– Sherri’s Contact info: Sherri Hlegason, Tel: 983-2189, TF 1-866-772-4880, TTY: 1-866-772-4840.

7:02 Meeting Adjourned