Winnipeg HRC Minutes (June 2012)

Attended: Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAulay, Gus Mardli, Chris Gagné, Steven Cabak, Katie Hoskins,
Lindsey Sparks (PSAC)

Regrets: Marc Danis, Vimbai Dune, Natasha Mohammed, Renee Barnabe, Jackie Nanali

1. Call Meeting to Order 5:14 pm

2. Reading of the PSAC Statement on Harassment – to be read at all future meetings.

3. Moving the HRC forward

If any members have an issue or are made to feel uncomfortable at all please speak with one of the harassment coordinators; Brother Sparks or Brother Gagné.

Brother Cabak nominated Brother Gagné to be a second harassment coordinator. Brother Gagné accepted the nomination. A vote was put forth to the members present and Brother Gagné was named as one of the harassment coordinators.

4. Review and approval of previous meeting minutes

April 17, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by the members present.

Sister McClure moved to approve the minutes, Sister MacAulay seconded.

5. Business arising from previous meeting/ minutes

May 15, 2012 meeting was a speaking event, therefore no minutes were taken.

All allies are encouraged to attend events/presentations in support of others regardless of whether they fall into the target group.

6. Report on “Voices of Survival” presentation by Justice Sinclair

Brother Mardli provided a report on the presentation he attended titled “Voices of Survival” featuring two speakers; Justice Murray Sinclair who is the Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and Mr. Robbie Waisman a Holocaust survivor. Please see Brother Mardli for further details.

7. Update from Pride!

The march went really well; there was a turn out of 13 allies from the PSAC group, previous year was five and two the year before.

Suggestion was made that advertising be sent out further in advance and more communication be made to allies.

8. Aboriginal Week – Donations to Thunder Bird House

In lieu of our outgoing event to fulfill the committee’s obligations for Aboriginal Week Sister McClure suggested to make a cash donation to Thunder Bird House.
Sister McClure motioned, Sister MacAulay seconded. A vote was put forth to the members present to donate $50.00 to Thunder Bird House and was passed by the committee.

9. New Business

Brother Cabak was contacted by Cross Town Civic Credit Union advising that Sister McClure and Sister Dune need to go down to re-complete their paperwork.
– Harassment statement should be an item on every agenda
– Item for next meeting: e-mail sent from Sister Haldane re: Quebec launching an anonymous registry of homophobic acts

10. Adjournment of meeting 6:40 pm, next meeting is September 11, 2012