Winnipeg HRC Minutes (Apr 2011)

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee
Minutes I April 19 I Speaker + Movie Event: “WORK FOR All” Films against Racism in
the Workplace”Present: **
Regrets: **
5:07 – meeting called to order by Chris Davis
Chris reviewed equity and equity-related events and news, online resources collected
and recorded as follows.
• Discussed: SK – Bill 160 – Proposed Changes to SK Human Rights Code Bill 160

• Handout: ClC – To our Allies: Everything you ever wanted to know about
lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans issues. A ClC publication
• Discussed and Handout: Winnipeg Gay Pride – May 17
• Handout: Same Sex Couples, a love story – PSAC poster for the International day
against homophobia
• Reminds members to vote in the Federal Election
Chris introduces Sherri Parent, a HRSDC Racisms Prevention Officer.
After a brief intro, group reviewed DVD “Worlf for All: Stop Racism in the Worlfplace’ a lively discussion
Meeting adjourned, 7:12 p.m.