Winnipeg Area Council Minutes (Nov.2018)


ATTENDANCE: Gus Mardli, Sheilagh Hanson, Christine Dmyterko, Faye Kingyens, Nestor Galarnyk, Frank Janz

Regional Rep: Tracy Thor

Regrets: Yvonne Hein

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:50.
  2. Agenda (with addition of round table) adoption moved by Christine, seconded by Nestor
  3. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
    • Moved by Frank, seconded by Nestor.
  5. Minutes from Oct.3 2018 were presented by Sheilagh. Minutes adopted as written, moved by Nestor, seconded by Frank
  6. Treasure report:  Moved by Christine. Checks 184, 185, 186 and 187 were cleared. Funds remaining totalled $2768.89. Frank seconded report
  7. Sheilagh attended the PRC meetings on Nov 2 and 3rd. and presented a verbal report. She has been assigned to the PRC Finance Committee. A written report will be submitted at next WAC meeting. Moved by Sheilagh, seconded by Christine.
  • Phoenix – upcoming teleconference on Nov. 22nd. Encourage members to call in.
  • Bargaining update -Nestor reported that bargaining groups will be meeting Nov. 4, 5 and. 6th to discuss issues common to all tables.  Updated information on bargaining will be available after Nov. 26th. Cannibis use will be covered under NJC but is not part of our medical plan and would have to be included in the next contract negotiations.


  • Remembrance Day Wreath Laying – Frank reported that no wreath was going to be laid this year as the deadline for arranging this had been missed. A discussion on Aboriginal Day Remembrance (Nov. 8th) and its origins was shared by Council.
  • Santa Claus Parade – Frank and Tracy presented info on parade changes. This year all volunteers must wear a parade lanyard so a list of those volunteering was needed before the parade. Those wishing to join are to call Tracy to register. Volunteers were to arrive by 3:45pm and would receive their lanyards from the Block Captain. ‘Here for Canada’ toques are going to be supplied for volunteers. Cost for float was estimated at $200 for lumber, $130 sound system rental and decorations TBD. Candy has already been purchased.
  • CLIFF – Sheilagh presented proposal for film night on Nov. 28th. 80 minute long film  pkg B was selected at no cost. Doors to open at 5:30. A light supper and popcorn were to be provided. Posters needed to be made up and sent out to Locals.
  • Seasonal Celebration – Council discussed several proposals. A casual get-together on Dec. 19th at 5:30pm was selected. Budget for supper was set at $200.

10. Next meeting date was set for Jan. 15th 2019 at 5:30pm.

11. Round Table:

Tracy reminded Council of ‘Connecting with Indigenous Members’ training on Dec 8th. The class is open to all and registration is on line.

12. Adjournment – Nestor motioned to adjourn meeting at 7:35pm. Christine seconded.

Minutes recorded by Faye Kingyens.