Winnipeg Area Council; Meeting Minutes – Sep 26 2017

Lorelei Topnik Jamie Bonner James Cooke
Gus Mardli Sheilagh Hanson Dawn MacAuley
Yvonne Hein Serina Pottinger Greg Ballendine
Tracy Grove Brett Rainboth

GUEST: REVP Marianne Hladun

SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

Lorelei Topnik Jamie Bonner James Cooke
Gus Mardli Sheilagh Hanson Dawn MacAuley
Yvonne Hein Serina Pottinger Greg Ballendine
Tracy Grove Brett Rainboth

GUEST: REVP Marianne Hladun

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:31
2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
3. Adoption of Agenda –
o Moved by Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Grove
4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
o Sr. Marianne Hladun – agreed to be the harassment co-ordinator
o Moved by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Topnik
5. Self Defence Training – guest Mr. Diren Mulchan did not show up
o Will discuss at a future meeting
6. Adoption of Aug 9th minutes
o Fixed spelling error in section #7 PRC
o Moved by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Topnik
7. Treasure report
o Balance as of August 31 – $4043.41
• One outstanding chq – $630 to Br. Frank Janz for Santa Claus Parade
• Today’s lunch
o It was suggested to revise Santa Claus Parade if it is going to be more than what was in the budget
o Motion to adopt Treasurer report by Sr. Topnik, seconded by Br. Cooke
8. Update – Phoenix protest at Minister Carr’s office
o We have protested 3 times so far with attendance of 15 people, 7 people and 6 people at each protest
o All 3 times we did not get to talk to Mr. Carr
o Suggest that perhaps there be a Webinar for all 3 provinces, to have a regional day of protest
• It would reach a lot more people
• Sr. Hladun to look into it
• Good way to start conversation to take action
• Suggestion to have a flyer made up to hand out to the general public on what we are protesting
• The Regional Office will send out an email to all locals to perhaps take turn protesting at different area’s as it is hard to commit to the time and place suggested so far.
o Br. Ballendine – suggested in 3 weeks (Oct 18) we have a regional Day of Action
• There we can promote the upcoming webinar if there is one
• And have a list of MP’s from each province for members
• This is a bigger reach then just Manitoba
• Will Consult with PRC
• Suggest a Manitoba Wide Plant Gate
9. Update – Labour Day event
o We had a lot of SWAG and freezies
o There are lots of Freezies left over – so we can use for a future event
o Many complements regarding our swag, and had many people coming back for more 
o Shout out to Br Ballendine and Sr Pottinger who helped out serving in the food line all day
o Even though it started out raining and thundering, it was a good turnout.
o Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped 
10. Update – Shoal Lake event
o Sept 8 – this was the first trip of 3 to Shoal Lake
o They car pooled together
o See attachment from Sr. Hanson – a small description of what they did
o Oct 22 is the tentative next planned trip
11. Santa Claus Parade
o We are registered for the parade
o November 18th is the date
o Will need a lot of volunteers to help set up and be a part of the parade
o More details to come
12. Remembrance Day Wreath
o Br. Janz has offered to purchase the wreath
o Will need a volunteer to lay the wreath – will put it out to members to see if someone would be willing to lay the wreath
o If no one offers, Sr. Hladun has offered, she goes to the St Norbert service
13. Labour Grass root Leaders Affiliation
o Sr. Hanson has suggested if we could have a Grassroots union committee that could be set up, and perhaps fall under the WAC.
o This is great for networking
o Could we have meetings at the PSAC boardroom?
• Yes as long as a member is included and the room is available
o The meeting would consist of union leaders and other grass root committees
o Sr. Hanson will look into it more and keep up posted
14. Next meeting – November 7th @ 5:30pm, PSAC office
15. Round Table
o Sr. Hein
• – Bill C27 – there has been no mention about it after May 11. They are talking tax reform but nothing happening. Has it not been moved forward
o Sr. Hladun
• – Reminder – RALLY tomorrow at noon from 12-1 @ city hall
• The Mayor refuses to speak to Sr. Hladun
• The Airport workers are on their 10th week of striking. – please if you have time to go support , it would be greatly appreciated
• Reminder for members to go online and support Vegreville.
­ Respect
­ Need to go online before Oct 19
o Br. Cooke
• Human Rights Committee meeting unknown yet
• Reminder for members to wear Orange on Friday in respect to Residential School survivors
o Br. Ballendine
• Reminder to do the Heath Care survey online. You will need your PSAC ID#
• He will follow up with Chris Adams
• NDP Leader for Manitoba is Wab Kinew
• NDP Federal Conference is in February in Ottawa
­ Leadership race is on
o Sr. Hanson
• 16 days of activism – women’s committee promoting
• Suggest having a contest, but would have to be 1 committee taking lead
• Suggest the 3 committee’s get together for a meeting (WAC, Human Rights and Women’s Committee)
16. Adjournment – 19:00pm
o Motioned by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Topnik