Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes (May 12, 2021)

Virtual Meeting Minutes
Wednesday May 12, 2021 @ 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Attendees: Gus Mardli, Nestor Galarnyk, Jennifer Chieh Ho, Brett Rainboth, Yvonne Hein, Tracy Thor (PSAC Rep)

  1. Call to order at 7:04pm
  2. Round introductions
  3. Adoption of Agenda
    – Motioned by Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho, Seconded by Br. Nestor Galarnyk. None opposed.
  4. PSAC Statement on Harassment read by Sr. Jennifer
  5. Feb. 17, 2021 minutes approval (Brett)
    – Moved to be approved by Br. Brett Rainboth, Seconded by Sr. Jennifer. None opposed.
  6. Treasurer Report (Jennifer)
    – No activity other than CLIFF Sponsorship
    – Most recent balance was $1122.35, balance may be more due to interest but statement is currently available. The bank does not send a statement when there is no activity.
    – Moved to be adopted by Sr. Jennifer, seconded by Br. Nestor, None opposed.

7. Budget (Jennifer)
-Put together by Sr. Jennifer and presented.

Notes on Group discussion
– Finance committee has not met to approve any committee budgets
– Tracy spoke to PSAC concerns on budget items
– PSAC currently not interested in having member gatherings of more than 4 people due to current restrictions (Covid-19)
– Nestor spoke to budget items that will likely not be able to happen due to Covid-19 concerns
– Final budget items have to be submitted by the end of this week
– Budget items may be presented to Sr. Marianne Hladun as events are planned
– Still waiting for decision on CliFF donation approved at March 2021 AGM
– Sr. Jennifer moved for budget to be submitted as amended, seconded by Sr. Yvonne Hein. Passed, none oppossed.

8. CLIFF Sponsorship
– Gus shared letter sent to Marianne for Cliff sponsorship proposal of $500 and asking REVP-Prairie to match with $500 as well

9. Issues identified (Jennifer)
– Sr. Jennifer had sent out correspondence to members of the area council to find an issue the WAC would like to pursue. Would like the WAC to have an issue selected by the end of tonight’s meeting.
– Jennifer proposed Pharmacare as the issue for WAC to support, lobby, take action on
– Sr. Jennifer would like lobbying training to be offered by PSAC
– Lobbying Training date June 7th 7pm (This was discussed later in the meeting but added to appropriate location)
– Sr. Yvonne stated MFL has been lobbying for universal Pharmacare for years
– Sr. Yvonne speaking to Winnipeg Transit Fairs (Br. Nestor mentioned previously) now there is a proposal for a reduction in price of $0.25 per year until transit fair is $1.00 for all riders
– The committee agrees that we will pursue political action in pursuit of Universal Pharmacare

10. Convention (Jennifer)
– Sr. Jennifer would like to organize a Prairie Wide Regional Committee meeting for delegates and observers to go over or present resolutions to give convention participants a chance to ask questions about resolutions
– Sr. Tracy advised PSAC will not accommodate such a meeting and are not able to provide contact information for members as regional offices can not participate in political activity
– Sr. Jennifer will present Winnipeg Human Rights Committee (WRHC) with proposal
– Sr. Jennifer will draft invite after speaking with WHRC

11. Wpg District Labour Council (Jennifer)
– Sr. Jenifer presented that UNE Local 50316 has affiliated with Winnipeg District Labour Councill.
– Br. Chris Rigaux (not present) had mentioned at a Local meeting that there are Labour Activist Award and Community Activist Awards. (See Attachment 1)
– May 28th is menstrual hygiene day
– To support, locals can have a Period Power Drive or bring donations of unopened menstruation products to WDLC office or United Way office
– Raise awareness by sharing social media
– Sr. Jennifer brought up the idea of $100.00 donation from WAC
– Sr. Jennifer will bring donation idea to Women’s Regional Committee for their approval
– Br. Gus motions, seconded by Brett. None opposed. for WAC to support WDLC Period Power Campaign

 12. NPSW (Jennifer)
– Covered in budget discussion
– June 15, Call out to showcase talented PSAC members, call out for pictures of “Members’ view from office or working from home”

13. HR Committee report (Jennifer) 
– May is Asian Heritage Month
– Panel discussion May 19
*See Attached notes*

14. Round Table
– Br. Gus thanks Sr. Tracy for presence and advice

15. Next meeting date
– June 30th 7pm

16. Adjournment at 9:16pm

Attached notes
*Provide by Sr. Jennifer as summary of topics presented at May 12th WAC meeting

Jennifer Chieh Ho, Treasurer of the AC, Chair of the Winnipeg HRC, joining you from Vancovuer, beautiful BC, I would like to acknowledge that I am on the unceded territoriesof the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil Waututh Nations.
Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)
There has not been an activities where we had spent any money other than the sponsorship for CLiFF.
So from the last statement dated feb 29, 2020, the ending balance is at $1122.35
The balance as at today may be a few dollars more than that due to interest.
Tracy has informed that she wont be able to get into the ACU to drop off the letter and she will provide us the, the details for the contact person there and the form that we need to fill out.
Issues identified (Jennifer) Political Action
I know the REVP has been encouraging us to come up with an issue or two if AC wants to carry out some actions.
There is not just one issue we face as Manitobans. We can come up with more than one but I think we should probably concentrate on one, for the time being and work hard on the project or action.
I propose that we work on pushing for Universal Pharmacare . CLC is working on this campaign, so there would already be speaking notes available.
There is a crisis on the health of Canadians. With COVID 19, things are getting worse than before the pandemic, job insecurity and significant number of people losing their jobs which means losing their medical benefits, and closure of businesses.
In the 2020 fall’s throne speech, the federal government committed to working with provinces to move forward with Universal Pharmacare without delay. It is time for us to lobby and push all levels of government to implement a universal pharmacare plan.
This is an action we could take on to lobby at different levels of government. I believe CLC may already have speaking notes available. I have lobbied a number of MPs at the House several years ago, with the Federation of Labour council members.
With help from Tracy, We can request for assistance from the REVP’s office to get some training on the go on this particular issue.

  1. HR Committee report (Jennifer)
    First, I would like to acknowledge that May is Asian Heritage and South Asian Month.
    We would like to invite everyone to join us to recognize and acknowledge the achievements and contritbutions of Asians in Canada. During this pandemic, there have been lots of anti Asian crimes taking place and I would like to remind everyone, when appropriate, to please speak up against Asian Hate remarks or actions when you witness.
    In May 2002, the Government of Canada signed a declaration designating May as Asian Heritage Month. Adopted by the Senate in 2001, this was proposed by Vivienne Poy, the first Canadian Senator of Asian Heritage.
    Due to the pandemic, this year, there are only virtual events being organised by the Asian Heritage Month of Manitoba. Below is the link to different events,
    Cited from the link provided:
    eg: coming up is the Asian Canadian Showcase Fridays (May 7, 14 and 21 at 7 pm) – this is a showcase of performances and entertainment , including dance, music, martial arts and more.
    Celebration of all Asian Canadian cultures is the goal of the Asian Heritage Festival meant to promote and foster Asian Canadian identity by bringing together community and encouraging the sharing of differences and appreciation of diversity.

    May 19th Wed 1- 2:30 pm Impact of covid 19 related anti-asian racism in the workplace – The Cdn museum for HR will be hosting the impact of covid 19 related anti Asian racism in the workplace panel discussion,with Asian cdns from various occupations and fields.

    Fri May 28 – Sunday may 30 – FascinAsian Film Festival – the first annual FascinAsian Film Festival (F3) showcasing the best films from Asian-Manitobans and Asian-Canadian filmmakers, and also include workshops on various industry related skills.
    Next meeting will be on June 9th. There are currently no big action plans happening as the committee was waiting to hear back from AC on what issues to tackle and to collaborate in.
    Info on the WLC’s Menstraul Health Campaign:

    Convention (jennifer)
    PSAC Prairies Trienniel Convention:
    Plan to organise a virtual call for discussion on resolutions. I would like to suggest that AC work with the HRC to coordinate with all the different regional committees and area councils in the Prairies Region so that we could come together to discuss before the convention
    Winnipeg District Labour Council (Jennifer)
    As you may know, our UNE Local 50316 has recently affiliated with the Winnipeg District Labour Council. We have information to share with the AC some information. Chris Rigaux is the delegate representing our Local to the WDLC meeting and the following information are from recent meeting he attended.
    The first thing is Info on the WLC”s Bruce Mackay award:

    1) Every year, the WLC presents The Bruce Mackay awards ( which will be awarded In September) to recognize contributions made to the community and labour movement. They are looking for nominees for the 2021 award in two categories:

    Nomination Process: The award will promoted in mailings to affiliates and community allies, on the website, social media and applicable publications. Any member of an affiliated Union or one of our community allies, may nominate a candidate provided the candidate comes from one of these groups. The Labour Activist Award The individual must have made an outstanding contribution to the labour movement either over the years, or with a single action which has progressed working people’s lives or brought solidarity to the union or to the working people of the City of Winnipeg – Treaty 1. The Community Activist Award The individual must have made an outstanding contribution in the community to the working people of the City of Winnipeg – Treaty 1, either over the years or with a single action which has been a benefit to working people in the City of Winnipeg – Treaty 1.
  2. Recognizing Friday, May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day, which is a global day to raise awareness surrounding menstrual health hygiene, accessibility to the products needed, and inclusivity for all those who need supplies.
    United Way Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Labour Council are joining forces to collect donations of menstrual products for people in our community. They are inviting workplaces, Unions, and all Winnipeggers to join them in mobilizing for the elimination of Period Poverty.
    Period of Poverty is a reality for many. Even with the elimination of a menstrual hygiene product tax in Canada, the high costs of menstrual products are out of reach for shelterless/homeless, low-income, and marginalized people in our city..
    HOW to support?
    Let’s join them to ensure that menstrual products are accessible to those who need them. Here’s how we can show your support:
  3. Host a Period Power drive and let members, your colleagues, family, and friends know that you’re collecting donations of new menstrual products. Let us know about your drive by contacting the WLC office, and we’ll share some promotional materials to help you spread the word. 2. Bring donations of new, unopened packs of menstrual pads, tampons, cups, and other menstrual products to one of the drop off locations 3. To make a monetary gift to aid in the purchase of new menstrual products for people in our community: – Cheques can be made out to Winnipeg Labour Council, with Period Power in the memo. Cheques can be mailed to the WLC at: 504-275 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4M6 – Electronic Fund Transfer: Period Power in memo, transfers by Email to: 4. Help raise awareness for #periodpoverty on social media. Follow @unitedwaywinnipeg and @WinnipegLabourCouncil (@wpglabourcouncil on Instagram) to like and share our Period Power posts

    NPSW –
    June 15 at 7:30 pm to 9 pm
    On Tuesday, June 15 at 7:30 pm CDT / 6:30 pm MDT, PSAC will be featuring music, door prizes, and PSAC members.
    The NPSW organising committee is looking for PSAC members’contributions of your talents – Singers! Instrumentalists! Dancers! They are looking for pre-recorded music of all genres to feature.
    We would like to showcase both members and the work they do – so we invite members and locals, to please send us their photos. Photos can be of members and their colleagues, or theirwork/home setup with their pet perhaps, or a favourite view from their home office. An example could be members holding signs with messages such as “I Support my Bargaining Team”, “Canadians Deserve the Best”, etc