Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes (March 14, 2022)

Attendance: Gus Mardli AG-Chair, Nestor Galarnyk USGE-Vice-Chair, Mona Simcoe UNDE-Secretary, Wayne Robillard USGE, Khalid Ahmad UTE, Kyle Goodridge CEIU, Nicholas Catalano UNE, Rene Bisson UNE, Martha Johnson-PSAC Rep/technical Advisor

Call to Order – Gus welcomed all attending at 7:05pm.

Land Acknowledgment 
In this region we live and work on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the
Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation.

PSAC Statement on Harassment – read by Gus Mardli
If you experience harassment at this event contact Martha Johnson

Roundtable introductions 

Adoption of Agenda 
Motion Nicholas Catalano/Rene Bisson

Approval of last AGM Minutes –16 Aug 2021 Minutes are located at PSAC Web page
Motion Nestor Galarnyk/Wayne Robillard

Treasurer’s ReportGus Mardli
Bank balance $1,122.35 for end of Feb 2022
Statements/Budget draft done need to be finalized 

Motion Gus Mardli/Nestor Galarnyk

Wpg Human Rights Committee (WHRC) Report- Khalid Ahmad
Current Chair is Khalid Ahmad Vice Chair Nicholas Catalano
Vacant positions of secretary and treasurer.  Next mtg is in April

Wpg Regional Women’s Committee (WRWC) report- Mona Simcoe

March 8 was International Women’s Day in which many participated in a workshop titled “Empowered Women, Empower Women”  This focused on promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to make their own choices and their right to influence social change and learn how to flip the table on the patriarchal system.
The WRWC also sent a quiz out via email for women to answer for prizes.
April 09 we will be participating in an engaged walk with Bear Clan Patrol and donating feminine products.
April 22 we will be doing an Earth Day cleanup.  We are looking for suggestions on where to do this.  May we will be having an open training on Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention.

Election of Winnipeg Area Council Executive

Mona Simcoe nominated by Gus Mardli/Nestor Galarnyk
Mona Simcoe by acclimation elected Treasurer
Mona Simcoe stated that Area Council needs to continue to search for a treasurer as it is important for members to step into these positions

-Given by PSAC Rep Martha Johnson to Mona Simcoe

Political Activities

  1. Phoenix
    On Feb 28 UNDE held a demonstration outside the gates of 17 Wing Air Force Base.  Now that COVID PHM have been lifted Area Council will once again hold Pay Day demonstrations around the city to bring awareness that this is the sixth year anniversary of Phoenix pay day issues.  The carryover of leave moratorium has been lifted and now leave over the allowable balance is being paid out.  This will create further pay issues. The next demonstration will be held at 12:00pm on 16 March at MP Marty Morentz’s office 3092 Portage Avenue.

2. USGE picket
Information Picket was held across the country and at Stony Mountain in regards to the assault on a food service worker.  The employer has still not provided proper training.  The warden was stopped and given a safety badge to highlight the lack of training.

3. Supporting Bargaining
Reminder to support your bargaining teams.  Things done in the workplace need to be reported to the employer so it is important to show our support.  Mona Simcoe will send a letter on behalf of Area Council expressing our support as a council to the teams. 

New Business

4. Budget 2022
Gus Mardli sent draft budget and ideas via email to members. These were shown on the shared screen.  The projected expenses are listed as $1980.00.
                        Motion Nestor Galarnyk/Nicholas Catalano

5. Signing Authorities for the account
The new signing authorities are two of the three signatures per cheque
Chair/Vice-Chair/Treasurer Gus Mardli/Nestor Galarnyk/Mona Simcoe
Motion Kyle Goodridge/Nicholas Catalano

6. Community Garden
Nestor Galarnyk and Wayne Robillard will be meeting to discuss the way forward with this project.  Email has been sent. 

Round table 

Next meeting date
-May 03 via Zoom 7pm

Adjournment Mona Simcoe/Wayne Robillard