Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes (June 17, 2020)

Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 17, 2020

Attendance:Gus Mardli, Nestor Galarnyk, Tracy Thor, Christine Dmyterko, Brett Rainboth, Joanne Bjorkland 50770, Susan Brown, Sheilagh Hanson, Faye Kingyens

Regrets: Yvonne Hein, Jamie Bonner, Frank Janz

  1. Call to order at 6:35pm
  2. Round of Introductions
  3. Agenda adoption move by Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Br. Nestor Galarnyk. None opposed
  4. PSAC Statement of harassment in effect, moved by Sr. Christine, seconded by Br. Brett Rainboth. None opposed
  5. Minutes moved by Br. Brett, seconded by Br. Nestor. None opposed
  6. Christine balance $1178.24 last, current balance $1122.35 per telephone conversation with Assiniboine Credit Union June 17th. Moved by Sr. Christine, seconded by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson. None opposed
  7. By-Election for Winnipeg Area Council Prairie Region Council Rep, chair to Sr. Tracy Thor
    Br. Nestor nominated by Sr. Christine, seconded by Br. Brett. Br. Nestor accepted.
    Alternate: Sr. Faye Kingyens nominated by Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Sr. Sheilagh. Sr. Faye accepted.
  8. Bargaining Update by Br. Nestor
    Letter writing campaign to TB head, drummed up some interest. There is a possibility to resume talks but logistics need to be figured out.
    Tracy recommends Locals confirm they have home emails for members incase there were to be a need for electronic voting
    Ratification votes have happened with Canada Post and Universities
  9. New Business
    A) Br. Nestor sent personal letter to President of Treasury Board
        Also, reached out and spoke to his Local MP
        Encourage all members to reach out to Prime Minister, TB President and Local MPs
        PSAC national & various component websites offer template
    B) Budget 2020
        All items put on hold until Finance committee meets, usually meet in April but unable to
        Many events now postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19
        Virtual meetings are an option but possible “virtual meeting fatigue” setting in
        Possible to try and allocate funds for events as things begin to open
    C) Community outreach
        NPSW BBQ was planned but unable to put together due to COVID-19
        Unable to work water station at Manitoba Marathon due to cancellation
        Labour day unknown
        Hoping to participate in Food drive, charity event or rally of some kind if safe to do so.
        Rally this Friday after work at Manitoba Legislature building for missing & murdered aboriginal women
        Try to give members masks & hand sanitize
  10. Round Table
    Need sewing volunteers to make masks with Women’s Committee to be donated to Pointe Douglas Women’s Centre
    PSAC Prairie Regional Vice-President Sr. Marianne Hladun and UNE President Br. Kevin King sent a joint letter to Canadian Museum of Human Rights after appointment of new CEO. PSAC & Local to decide how to proceed further with further engagement
  11. Next Meeting to be held September 1st, 2020
  12. Adjournment at 7:58pm moved by Sr. Christine, seconded by Br. Brett. None opposed.