Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes – Jun 7, 17

Attendance: Gus Mardli; Greg Ballendine; Lorelei Topnik; Frank Janz; Faye Kingyens; Jamie Bonner; Yvonne Hein; Tina Matias-Bouchard, PSAC Rep

Winnipeg Area Council Minutes – June 7, 2017
– Attendance:
Gus Mardli
Greg Ballendine
Lorelei Topnik
Frank Janz
Faye Kingyens
Jamie Bonner
Yvonne Hein
Tina Matias-Bouchard, PSAC Rep
– Regrets: Tracy Grove, Darlene McClure and Gloria Kelly

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli @ 5:36 pm and requested a volunteer to take minutes. Sister Yvonne Hein volunteered.
2. Round table introductions
3. Adoption of agenda. Moved by Bro. Janz and seconded by Sr. Kingyens
4. PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed to be in effect
5. Adoption of March 15, 2017 minutes. Moved by Sr. Topnik and seconded by Bro. Bonner that the March 15, 2017 minutes be approved.
6. Treasurer’s Report – Balance of $592.72 includes the $100 from the Ag Component which has not yet been deposited. Cheque of $4,300 for 2017 Budget also to be deposited. Outstanding cheques Bro. Mardli $112.08 for lunch at two meetings and Sr. Topnik $40.81 for today’s lunch.
Motion by Sr. Topnik to accept the Treasurer’s report and seconded by Sr. Kingyens.
7. Bro. Ballendine Discussion about National Public Service Week – Wednesday, June 14 rally – March will begin at the Legislature and end at Upper Fort Garry Park. Hot-dog, bag of chips and a drink will be served to PSAC Union members. President Sr. Benson is attending. Payment of a day’s salary bor Bros. Mardli & Ballendine is budgeted for organizing, cooking, etc. Bro. Janz is bringing his drum. Bro. Ballendine will request the PSAC staff to resend the flyer.
8. Manitoba Marathon June 18 – Bro. Mardli gave each volunteer in attendance a map of the area where the station is located at Dunkirk & Kingston Row. Bro Mardli said he will be arriving at 6:30 am at this station. The course closes at 8:31 am.
9. Canada Summer Games – Volunteers are still being requested. Sr. Matias-Bouchard said that she has taken the orientation. Bro. Janz said that he will be working with the Marlins Swim Team.
10. Resolution call-out for 2018 PSAC Triennial – Resolutions cannot be submitted directly by Locals but can be submitted to Winnipeg Area Council and will be discussed and considered to be put forward at the Convention. Deadline for submission of Resolutions is September 1, 2017 but submission at or before the next Area Council Meeting on August 9, 2017 would be appreciated. Bro. Mardli handed out a copy of a previous resolution done by the Winnipeg Area Council which was considered non-concurrence. The resolution has been reworded to make it fair for all by doing a per-cent increase rather than a dollar increase.
11. Labor Day Event – Will be held at Vimy Park this year. March will begin at Memorial Park in front of Legislature. Plans are for the PSAC tent at Vimy Park and freezies to distribute to the children. When the Winnipeg Labour Council makes the announcement a spot can be booked.
12. Next meeting date – Wednesday, August 9, 2017
13. Round table:
– Sr. Topnik will be attending a day at the Mental Health Conference at the Polo Park Inn. She reported that PSAC would not provide a day of salary but will pay the registration fee.
– Bro. Janz provided information on the Ted Ex that he attended and also the great result of the float in the Pride Parade. There was also a discussion about attending the Steinbach and Brandon parades.
– Sr. Hein mentioned that the Women’s Committee was having a speaker form the Bear Clan starting at 6 pm on June 20, 2017 and that all PSAC Members are invited to attend. Bro Mardli is still waiting for the poster to send out to his contacts. Bro. Bonner said he had a copy of the Poster but did not know if it was final but had some corrections completed. He will send it to Bro. Mardli.
– Sr. Kingyens asked about Postcards for members to send out regarding pensions and Bill C-27. She is also the alternate representative on the Departmental OSH committee and would appreciate any information that would be helpful for nurses.
– Bro. Ballendine is still waiting for a list of contact information for PSAC Local Presidents. Bro. Ballendine is active in Political Action and said there are always things going on if anyone is interested in volunteering. He also spoke about having a meeting for members to share ideas.
– Bro. Mardli said it was the greatest Pride Parade.
14. 7:10 pm Moved by Sr. Kingyens and seconded by Sr. Topnik that the meeting be adjourned.