Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes (January 15, 2019)

Gus Mardli                              Christine Dmyterko
Yvonne Hein                          Jamie Bonner
Tracy Grove                           Brett Rainboth
Faye Kingyens

Regrets: Frank Janz

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:44
  2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  3. Adoption of Agenda –
    Moved by Br. Brett Rainboth, seconded by Sr. Yvonne Hein
  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
    Moved by Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Br. Jamie Bonner
  5. Adoption of November 8, 2018 minutes
    Moved by Sr. Faye Kingyens, seconded by Sr. Christine Dmyterko
  6. Treasure report
    Balance as of December 1 – $2768.89
    O/S Cheques –
    – $55.73 – C.L.I.F.F
    – $693.00 – Santa Claus Parade registration
    – $576.04 – Santa Claus Parade
    – $61.68 & $131.94 – Seasonal Celebrations
    $1250.50 – balance
    Motion to adopt Financial report
    Moved by Sr. Dmyterko, seconded by Sr. Kingyens
    WEBINAR – A lot of people were on the call
    – Sr. Kingyens asked about essential services, it was noted that it will be requested by component
    – Waiting to see what will happen
    – PSAC have declared impasse and filed for a PIC (Public Interest Commission) to help negotiations move forward.

    – Action: Br. Gus Mardli to discuss with Sr. Tracy Thor to see if anything is being planned Nationally and if we should do something?
    – Tuesday, February 19 will be 3 years
    – Contact locals, Rally?
    – Are we going to do something for the 3 year mark?
    • BUDGET 
    • Meeting expenses – request 8 x $90 = $720
    •  Political Science Professor (understand how politics works) – $150
      Would like to find someone to come in and speak
      Same rational as last year
      How their platforms work with unions
      Perhaps about how parties work with unions
      Action: ask Sr. Sheilagh Hanson to speak with Basia and see if she can find a volunteer for this?
    • Water Station Marathon – $100
    • Public Service Week – $2000
      Same as last years, perhaps promote Elections/Bargaining/1919 strike
    • Santa Claus Parade – $2000
    • Labour Day Picnic – $500
      Freezies to hand out
    • Remembrance Day Wreath – $150
      Same as last year, will speak with local legion about where to buy one
    • Seasonal Celebration after parade – $400
  9. NEXT MEETING: will be the AGM – Wednesday, March 13
  10. ADJOURNMENT – Motioned by Sr. Grove, Seconded by Sr. Dmyterko