Winnipeg Area Council; Meeting Mintues – May 15 2018

Winnipeg Area Council

Attendance: Gus Mardli, Sheilagh Hanson, Christine Dmyterko, Yvonne Hein, Jamie Bonner, Tracy Grove, Brett Rainboth

Winnipeg Area Council
May 15, 2018

Gus Mardli Sheilagh Hanson Christine Dmyterko
Yvonne Hein Jamie Bonner Tracy Grove
Brett Rainboth
Guest: Serina Pottinger, Tracy Thor
Regrets: Frank Janz, Nathan Berry, Nestor Galarnyk

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:34

2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3. Adoption of Agenda –
o Moved by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Brett Rainboth

4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
o Moved by Sr. Hanson, seconded by Br. Rainboth

5. Adoption of December 13, 2017 minutes
o Error in the adjournment time, will fix to be 19:00 hrs
o Moved by Br. Grove, seconded by Br. Rainboth

6. Treasure report
o Balance as of end of February – $2940.00
• Outstanding chq – $130 food AGM
• Outstanding chq – $51 food for tonight meeting
o Still waiting to hear if budget this year is approved
o Motion to adopt Financial report
• Moved by Sr. Hanson, seconded by Sr. Grove

7. By-Election to elect WAC Treasurer, WAC PRC Rep and Alternate
o Sr. Tracy Thor took the floor to run the election
o Treasurer – Sr. Grove nominated Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Br. Mardli
• There were no other nominations
• Sr. Dmyterko accepted the position
• Will need to get bank papers signed and updated to have new signing authority
o WAC PRC Rep – Br. Mardli nominated Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Sr. Grove
• There were no other nominations
• Sr. Hanson accepted the position
o WAC PRC Rep Alternate – Sr. Hanson nominated Br. Brett Rainboth, seconded by Br. Mardli
• There were no other nominations
• Br. Rainboth accepted the position
o Completed the Oath of office

8. Old Business
o Phoenix protests
• Will wait for PSAC to give direction on what to say.
• Want to inform members about putting claims in, talk to components
• Need to educate our members about looking into phoenix issues on work time not own time.
• This could take up to 10 years to fix

o Bargaining Conference
• Bargaining dates could come as early as end of May
­ SSO still in bargaining
­ FB is in Ratification
­ Parks done
­ SRG still bargaining
­ One group from university still bargaining
­ Deerlodge – are having a representation vote
­ Treasury Board Tables are meeting in Ottawa

o May Day
­ Small turnout then years before
­ About 4 PSAC members in attendance
­ Some members did march in Toronto while there
­ Quite a bit of youth and counter protesters

o Labour Grassroots Leaders Affiliation
­ Put in abeyance until fall
­ Waiting for place to have meetings

o PSAC National Convention
­ New President: Chris Aylward
­ New Vice President: Magali Picard
­ NVP has promised to work on Phoenix
­ Some resolutions:
a. HRC–Equitly delegates to National Triennial – did not pass
b. 25% increase for Regional convention
c. Next triennial regional convention will be fully funded, however there will be less delegates (i.e. Locals: first 215 members will get 1 delegate and another delegate for each additional 215 members)
d. Passed – REVP elected will not have to move to where the biggest membership count is
e. Passed – Increase money for area councils – doubled approx. $20,000 for WAC

9. New Business
o Winnipeg Pride
• Did they register?
• Get float?
• Sr. Hanson will look into

o Manitoba Marathon
• Gus will be meeting on June 9 regarding Marathon
• Marathon will take place on father’s day – June 17
• Same spot as last year, will be doing same thing
• Send email to someone on WAC exec if interested in volunteering

o Public Service Week
• Will not be asking members to boycott PSW
• Jun 10-16 this year
• Will not be doing a bbq this year, looking in having a solidarity lunch in the fall

o August – Solidarity lunch
• Look at having a lunch to invite local presidents to promote committees & council
• Look at getting some key note speakers
• Need to do a proposal, perhaps use the money that is allocated for PWS

o May 26 young workers committee
• Having a BBQ
• Assiniboine Park – 11:30 to 3pm

10. NEXT MEETING DATE: June 20, 2018 5:30pm

11. Round Table:
o Sr. Hanson – Day of Mourning was on Apr 27
• Could not go as she was in training
• Look at suggesting not having training/conferences etc on important days such as May Day, Day of mourning etc.
• Suggest looking at dates before planning training and conferences

12. Adjournment – 18:45 pm
o Motioned by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Dmyterko