Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes (August 16, 2021)

Winnipeg Area Council
Virtual Meeting Minutes
Monday August 16, 2021

Attendees: Gus Mardli, Nestor Galarnyk, Yvonne Hein, Karine Drobko, Khalid Ahmad, Tracy Thor (PSAC Rep)

  1. Call to order at 7:06pm
  2. Round introductions
  3. Adoption of Agenda
    Motioned by Karine Drobko, Seconded by Nestor Galarnyk. None opposed.
  4. PSAC Statement on Harassment is in effect.
  5. May 12, 2021 minutes approval
    Motioned to accept by Yvonne Hein, Seconded by Gus Mardli. None opposed.
  6. Treasurer Report, nothing to report
  7. Election for 2022 National PSAC Triennial Convention.
    Tracy conducted the elections.
    WAC Delegate for the PSAC Triennial Convention – Gus Mardli, nominated by Khalid Ahmad, seconded by Karine Drobko. Acclaimed
    WAC alternate Delegate for the PSAC Triennial Convention Nestor Galarnyk nominated by Gus Mardli, seconded by Yvonne Hein. Acclimated.
  8. Political Activities: Pharmacare Campaign – Khalid Ahmad reached out to MP Terry Duguid, but received no response. Nestor Galarnyk reached out to MP Raquel Dancho, he had a non-productive phone meeting with the MP.
  9. Old Business: PSAC Prairies Convention – Marianne Hladun re-elected REVP
  10. New Business:
    2022 National PSAC Convention, no resolutions put forward
    Sept 20, 2021 Federal Election – will again work to educate members on issues that effect them at work, home and in the community, will be looking to get volunteers to help on campaigns and will look at other election activities.
  11. Round Table: Yvonne Hein talked about the past on sick leave. No word on any Labour Day activities. Tracy to follow up and advise the exec.
  12. Next meeting date is September 2, 2021.
  13. Gus Mardli motioned to adjourn 8:09pm, seconded by Karine Drobko
  14. Next meeting date Sept 2, 2021