Winnipeg Area Council AGM Minutes (March 13, 2019)

Attendance: Gus Mardli, Tracy Grove, Yvonne Hein, Christine Dmyterko, Sheilagh Hanson, Brett Rainboth, Nestor Galarnyk, Faye Kingyens

MARCH 13, 2019 AT 5:30 PM


Gus Mardli                      Tracy Grove
Yvonne Hein                  Christine Dmyterko
Sheilagh Hanson         Brett Rainboth
Nestor Galarnyk          Faye Kingyens

Guest: Tracy Thor, Marianne Hladun

Regrets:  Frank Janz, Jamie Bonner

Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:40pm

Round table introductions made by all in attendance

PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed in affect

Sr. Tracy Thor – harassment co-ordinator

Moved by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Brett Rainboth

Adoption of the Agenda

Br. Gus Mardli to add Jan 15, 2019 minutes to agenda

Adopt the agenda by Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Sr. Yvonne Hein

Adoption of March 13, 2019 AGM minutes

Adopt the minutes by Sr. Grove, seconded by Br Nestor Galarnyk.

Adopt the Jan 15, 2019 Minutes

Moved by Sr Grove, Seconded by Sr. Kingyens

Treasurer report

$1943.50 balance as of December 31, 2018

Total Revenue: $3372.68

Total Expenses: $1429.18

1 outstanding chq for $693

Remaining balance: $1250.50

Financial statement has been audited

Moved by Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Sr. Grove

6a.               2019 Budget          

Please note there may not be a labour day Parade this year as they will be focusing on the 1919 big celebration which is going to be held in May

The 1919 Parade will be held, and Sr. Hladun will be funding it.  But would like ideas on how or what to do for the parade, if anyone has any artistic ideas to create a float, please let her know

It was noted that there isn’t much funds, so we may not get approved for all requests – but will put in the request anyway

Winnipeg Area Council meetings

Asking for $90 per meeting, approx. 8 meetings

Political Science Professor

Educational for council and members

Requesting $150

Water Station for Manitoba marathon

There was no fee last year, but just in case we need to pay anything

Asking for $100 and t shirts for anyone that doesn’t have yet

Public Service Week BBQ

Will need a lead on this event

Will need a business case

Look into renting bbq’s?

Requesting $2000 asked for – loss of wages for 2 members and cost of food

Labour Day picnic

$500 for freezies

t shirts for people that don’t have, swag

Wreath for Remembrance Day

$150 requested

Would like to do an indigenous lay of wreath also if possible?

Santa Clause parade

Need better visibility, need a better message

Is there value to having this – as we cannot sit down and discuss like other events, no opportunity to have more conversations, is it worth it?

suggest that we need to be more political

Should we still have the Santa Clause Float?

Decorations, Truck rental, trailer rental, sound system, generator

Will hope to have some people donate their stuff for use if possible

$2000 requested

Seasonal Celebration

Good get together to promote all councils and getting people out

Possible do in September tying in Labour day? And push upcoming elections?

Need to get people engaged, have a call out

$400 requested

Budget requests moved for approval by Sr. Dmyterko, seconded by Br. Galarnyk

Elections – Winnipeg Area Council

Br. Mardli turned the floor to Sr. Tracy Thor to run elections


Sr. Grove nominated Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Mardli

Sr. Kingyens nominated Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Sr. Hanson

Br. Mardli declined the position

Sr. Sheilagh Hanson accepted the position  

Vice Chair

Br. Mardli nominated Br. Nestor Galarnyk, seconded by Sr. Hanson

There were no other nominations

Br. Nestor Galarnyk accepted the position


Sr. Hein nominated Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Sr. Kingyens

Sr. Dmyterko nominated Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Sr Hanson

Sr. Grove nominated Sr. Faye Kingyens, seconded by Br. Rainboth

Sr. Kingyens declined the position

Sr. Grove declined the position

Sr. Dmyterko declined the position

Br. Mardli nominated Br. Brett Rainboth, seconded by Br. Galarnyk

Br. Brett Rainboth accepted the position


Br. Mardli nominated Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Br. Rainboth 

Sr. Dmyterko accepted the position

 Executive Oath – completed with all newly elected members

United Way Labour Program

They are trying hard to get a committee together

Would like to offer it to members

Hoping that having these programs/committees will help build stronger locals and workplace solidarity

The community advocates course is ready to go, its 1 night a week for 30 hours

Will see if they would like to come do a presentation at WAC

Manitoba Marathon water station

Br. Mardli would like to still be the lead on this

Br. Mardli read out email from the MB Marathon committee requesting help again

Br. Mardli will follow up and register

MB Marathon is on June 16 – hope everyone will volunteer again J

Phoenix Update

There was a rally on Feb 28th in Ottawa

It was a huge success, they shut down 2 buildings

Walked to PM Office, there was good coverage. 

We need to keep raising the profile of phoenix and request that we at least get a good contract if we cant get Phoenix fixed anytime soon. 

They are not abandoning the Fix Phoenix, but do want to focus on bargaining

If there is anything that we want to do regarding Phoenix, let Sr. Hladun know, and she will see what she can do to help

Bargaining Update

Employee’s proposed 1% per year

They will be going back to tables next week – Tues Morning

It was a little more encouraging that they talked a little more and the moved a little more

Our common issues team is still together and still talking

There may be a telephone town hall – hope to do it at the end of Feb but it didn’t work out.  Now will wait until bargaining is done, and give an update on everything

Looking at around the Tues/Wed after Easter, and may have a Webinar instead

Next Meeting date: April 17, 2019 @ 5:30pm

Adjournment: 7:38pm

Motioned by Sr. Grove, seconded by Br. Galarnyk