Winnipeg Area Council AGM Minutes DRAFT (February 22, 2022)

Annual General Meeting Minutes
22 February 2022

Attendance: Gus Mardli , Wayne Robillard , Jennifer Chein Ho , Nestor Galarnyk, Mona Simcoe, Tina Matias-Bouchard PSAC Rep attending for Martha Johnson

Call to Order – Meeting to start at 19:00 but was delayed to 19:20 due to waiting for quorum.

Land Acknowledgment 
In this region we live and work on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the
Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation.

PSAC Statement on Harassment – read by Gus Mardli
If you experience harassment at this event contact Tina Matias-Bouchard

Roundtable introductions 

Adoption of Agenda 
Added to #12 new business Feb 28 Phoenix 6 year anniversary
Motion Mona Simcoe/Nestor Galarnyk

Approval of last AGM Minutes –03 March 2021 Minutes are located at PSAC Web page
Motion Nestor Galarnyk/Gus Mardli

President’s reportGus Mardli
Difficult for council to do business events and actions due to attendance of members.
COVID has limited the amount of members to participate due to PHM.
Challenge last three meetings to have a quorum.
Health and Safety is important for all members in the workplace. PSAC has supported the Vaccine mandate but was not able to change the policy of TB on the leave without pay.
PSAC has not set a time to reopen regional offices but will communicate this to the membership.
There were items scheduled on the Area Council timeline for example Political Action training, lobby training, Transit info, Valentine’s Day. These did not come to fruition but will be considered for this year’s budget.

Treasurer’s ReportJennifer Chein Ho
Bank balance $1,122.35 for end of Jan 2022
Statements/Budget need to be prepared before deadline 
Motion Jennifer Chein Ho/Gus Mardli

Election of Winnipeg Area Council Executive

Gus Mardli nominated by Nestor Galarnyk /Jen Chein Ho
Mona Simcoe nominated by Gus Mardli/Wayne Robillard
Mona Simcoe declined  Gus Mardli by acclimation elected Chair

Vice Chair
Nestor Galarnyk nominated by Jennifer Chein Ho/Gus Mardli
Nestor Galarnyk by acclimation elected Vice-Chair

Wayne Robillard nominated by Gus Mardli/Jennifer Chein Ho
Mona Simcoe nominated by Nestor Galarnyk/Wayne Robillard
Wayne Robillard declined Mona Simcoe by acclimation elected Secretary

Jennifer Chein Ho expressed she was not reoffering
Wayne Robillard nominated by Jennifer Chein Ho/Gus Mardli
Wayne Robillard declined  Treasurers position remains vacant

Bargaining Updates 
Verbal reports were given from those in attendance.

PSAC and Treasury Board Proposals are now on PSAC web site for SV, PA, TC, and EB
All teams have submitted monetary demands and employer still has no mandate

SV- bargaining team put forward fair and reasonable wage proposals in talks with the employer January 18-20, and PSAC expects Treasury Board to provide their response to our wage package beginning of March 

Common Issues-
PSAC’s proposal for remote work would give employees the opportunity to voluntarily participate in remote work – or not — based on their unique and individual circumstances. It also outlines the process for requesting a remote work agreement, makes sure workers are properly equipped for remote work, and ensures their requests are not unreasonably denied.

PSAC also submitted new memorandums of understanding. These MOUs aim to ensure continued financial support for the Joint Learning Program, establish an ongoing Child Care Joint Union-Management Committee, and recognize Treasury Board’s commitment to address issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace in collaboration with PSAC.

-mobilization event at museum Feb
-bargaining is hoped to begin soon

– still in bargaining and will probably go to arbitration for market adjustments

-in bargaining little movement waiting for employer

-new round on Mar 1st

Winnipeg & Area HR Committee ReportJennifer Chein Ho
Thank committee for all initiatives that area council had planned.
Met last month with no quorum but had a good discussion and planned events for the year
Black History Month virtual event on Feb 28 from 7-8pm for members to sign up
March 21 International Day of Elimination virtual event with panelists open to prairie region
Two virtual tours were presented on the Canadian Museum of Human Rights
Donations and walk to Bear Clan and Mama Clan
Salom mission has a 4 week session training for volunteers – challenges/actions.  It has been suggested to do a collaborative approach and include Area Council, HR, WRWC

New Business
Budget (Covid restrictions) 

Action Gus will send past budgets for examples and build ideas via email

  • Feb 28 Phoenix 6 year anniversary 

PSAC regional has not sent out PSAC Phoenix lobby kit to date that was discussed at the PRC.  Mona shared this info with Tina for distribution.  Mona invited anyone available to join 17 Wing Winnipeg at 12:00 on Feb 28th

                Action Mona Simcoe will send Kit to Tina and information for distribution regarding the Day of Action for Feb 28 joining 17 Wing Wpg at 12:00pm.

  • Social Justice Fund – Suggestion to start a Garden and helping to maintain it with the Bear Clan Patrol.  Wayne will investigate gathering with community gardens already in existence.  Volunteering time.  Purchasing tools/shovels/pick axes/seeds/earth.  Wear Orange Event.  Jennifer asked if this met the mandate of the Area Council.  Discussion was held and decided to involve all committees in this event.  Jennifer will take back to HR and Mona will take back to Women’s committee for information. 

Action Wayne Robillard/Nestor Galarnyk

Round table 
-Gus Mardli
REVP office for the prairies is working on a campaign for tools for all members.  Ideas include mobilization and election. 

-USGE – FOS info picket handing out flyer talking about employee health and safety in workplace. Feb 24 at six institutions across the country.

-PSAC Rep Tina Matias-Bouchard

-YW trivia night March 9first prize $250
                -Locals will be contacted to provide a representative to sit on a mobilization committee
                -Regional Office is available for Lunch & Learns or evening events for Locals
                -u-link some locals using this to communicate with locals
                -texting program to “blast out texts”
                -Mobilization Summit coming
                -National Webinars geared towards mobilization

The power of young workers at the bargaining table 
National panel on remote work and work-life balance
Mona Simcoe stressed it is important to get PSAC information to members in a timely manner.

-Given by PSAC Rep Tina Matias-Bouchard to Gus Mardli, Nestor Galarnyk, Mona Simcoe

Next meeting date
-March 14 via Zoom 7pm

-Nestor Galarnyk