Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes (Sep 9 2009)

In Attendance: Gerry Pendulak – Chair WAC; Darlene McClure – Treasurer; Kelly Pendulak – Secretary; Tony Dorosh – USGE; Sam Barlin – AGR; Dawn MacAulay – AGR; Robyn Benson – PSAC REVP Prairies;
Tracy Thor – PSAC Regional Rep; Deanna Kimball – PSAC Regional Rep

Wednesday September 9, 2009

In Attendance:
Gerry Pendulak – Chair WAC
Darlene McClure – Treasurer
Kelly Pendulak – Secretary
Tony Dorosh – USGE
Sam Barlin – AGR
Dawn MacAulay – AGR
Robyn Benson – PSAC REVP Prairies
Tracy Thor – PSAC Regional Rep
Deanna Kimball – PSAC Regional Rep

Matt Tijani – Vice Chair
Carol Selby – UVAE

• Meeting called to order at 5:15 pm.

• Sister Robyn Benson had several items to discuss with the group. Her first comments were to congratulate Sister Deanna Kimball on her new position as Regional Rep.
The rest of her comments were on the following items:
1. the impending loss of 400 Agri Stability positions in Winnipeg;
2. the Save Our Farms campaign to save prison farms;
3. the possibility of a Federal Election and our plans for action;
4. Habitat for Humanity;
5. FSWEP – Student employees.

• Adoption of Agenda – M/S/C Darlene/ Sam

• Adoption of Minutes for May 5, 2009 meeting – M/S/C Darlene/ Dawn

• Seasonal Celebration to be hosted by HRC on Dec 10/09 approx cost $150. Motion to approved expenditure M/S/C Gerry/ Sam

• Discussion was had to waive the Habitat for Humanity donation in favor of a donation of time and funds to another charity. This could be for the Christmas Cheer Board or a soup kitchen or both.

• Discussions around what type of actions that we will undertake for the end of the year.

• Next meeting Nov 18/09 5:15 pm.

• Motion to adjourn meeting. M/S/C Tony/ Gerry

• Adjourned at 7:15