Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 24 2016

Attending: Greg Ballendine; Susan Brown; Lorelei Topnik; Nestor Galarnyk; Gus Mardli; Matt Tijani; Tracy Grove; Frank Janz; Jason Lee; Simon Baer; Jennifer Tiller (Via Conference Call)


OCT 24, 2016 AT 5:30PM




Greg Ballendine Susan Brown
Lorelei Topnik Nestor Galarnyk
Gus Mardli Mat Tijani
Tracy Grove Frank Janz
Jason Lee Simon Baer
Jennifer Tiller (Via Conference Call)                                                       
Jack Anderson (Via Conference Call)  

GUEST: Tracy Thor

REGRETS:   Gloria Kelly and Steven Cabak


  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:37pm
  2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  3. Adoption of Agenda –
    • Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr. Grove, second by Br. Janz
  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment was read by Sr. Brown and deemed to be in effect
    • Sr. Tracy Thor – harassment co-ordinator for female
    • Br. Frank Janz – harassment co-ordinator for male
  5. Adoption of May 25th minutes
    • Sr. Grove to look into sign in sheet to verify if Br. Tijani was in attendance
    • Adopt the minutes by Sr. Lorelie Topnik, seconded by Br. Janz.
  6. Treasure report
    • Balance – $967.40
    • 2 deposits
      • PSAC for Santa Claus Parade $1500
      • 2016 Allocation – $1540
    • Returned $2177.75 social justice fund money that was not used
    • Motion to adopt the report – Sr. Grove, seconded by Br. Lee
  7. Tri-Committee meeting report – Br. Ballendine
    • Winnipeg Area Council, Women’s council, Human Rights Council had a meeting together on September 1, 2016
    • Some things discussed were:
      • Timely minutes to website – try get the minutes done as soon as possible so that it can be put on website and shared
      • Promoting the 3 Council’s with locals
      • Better preparation of annual events like Labour day etc.  Work together to get as many members out as possible.
      • Work on helping with different events – operation red nose/ Siloam mission etc
      • Christmas Gift – Sr. Kristen  Beauchamp asked about sponsoring gifts for members of deerlodge that have no family. 
        1. Br. Mardli to get details from Sr. Beauchamp
  8. Labour Day Event
    • September 5, 2016
    • Was at Central Park – as there was construction so could not go to park across from the Legislative building
    • This is an great park
    • Was great to see the PSAC tent, and members engaging with guests and handing out freezies. 
    • Hope that more staff and members show up in future. 
  9.  Elections
    • Sr. Thor was the election officer
    • Area Council Rep
    • Should the incumbent (Br. Tijani) win we will have to elect a convention delegate
    • Should a new member be elected, we will not have to elect a delegate as the new member will go to the convention, and Br. Tijani would go as the past Area council Rep. 
    • Area Council Rep – Br. Ballendine was nominated by Sr. Grove and seconded by Sr. Topnik
    • No other nominations were brought forward
    • Br. Ballendine won by acclimation
    • Br. Ballendine – would like to say thanks for the nominations and looks forward to working with the Area Council, and reaching out to all locals
    • Alternate – Br. Mardli was nominated by Sr. Grove and seconded by Sr. Topnik
    • Alternate – Sr. Topnik was nominated by Br. Ballendine and seconded by Br. Janz
    • Br. Mardli declined, Sr. Topnik accepted
    • Sr. Topnik won by acclimation
    • Sr. Topnik would like to express her thanks for the nominations.
  10. New Business
    • Remembrance Day Wreath
      • We have $70 toward purchasing a wreath
      • Sr. Topnik to look at Michaels to see of prices
      • Br. Mardli to talk to Sr. Kelly to see if she has any connections on where to get a wreath
      • Where are we going to lay it?
    • Santa Clause Parade
      • Br. Janz picking up the trailer on Nov 10
      • Decorating on Nov 10, 11, 12
      • McNaught Auto dealer is the staging area
      • Meet at 3pm
      • Parade to start at 430pm
      • Cannot throw stuff/candy out to people, but can hand out flyers/etc
      • Needs decorations – Br. Janz is asking for any donations of decorations
      • Sr. Thor to look at getting PSAC signs for the float
  11. Resolution Call out
    • Have a few resolutions on hand for you to read
    • If you have any resolutions, have them ready for the next meeting
    • Will discuss and go through all resolutions
  12. Next meeting date – set for Nov 29th @ 5:30pm
  13. Round Table:
    • Br. Ballendine – wants to put in a resolution to increase funding in the regions
      • Sr. Thor stated to make sure it was specific in what you are asking for ie: increase – political action/etc.
  14. Adjournment – 6:45pm