Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes (Nov 30 2010)

In Attendance: Matt Tijani, AGR; Sam Barlin, AGR; Darlene McClure, AGR; Dawn MacAulay, AGR; Tracy Thor

Minutes from the November 30, 2010 Winnipeg Area Council meeting.

Winnipeg Area Council
General Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Winnipeg Regional Office

In Attendance:

Matt Tijani, AGR
Sam Barlin, AGR
Darlene McClure, AGR
Dawn MacAulay, AGR
Tracy Thor

1. Called to order at 5:35

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment

3. Agenda – moved by Darlene , seconded by Dawn

4. There were no minutes of the September 29, 2010 meeting available and will be accepted at the next meeting

5. Financial Report presented by Tracy
– Balance ending September 30, 2010 is $3,529.82
– Outstanding cost was for the food for this meeting
– $912 to PSAC for municipal elections campaign
– $300 cheque for postage for Winnipeg North by-elections mail-out
– We’ll be administering $5,000 from the Social Justice Fund Project
– $221 to dental office at cost for the dental floss and toothbrushes to be added to the Women’s Committee toiletries project (McGregor Community Care site – see item #10)

6. 2010 Municipal Elections
– The cost was $912 for postage for the mail-out
– Sam Katz and Judy Wasalysa-leis were the only candidates that responded to our questions

7. Seasonal Celebration is on December 14th

8. Prairie Region Convention is in Winnipeg June 10th to 12th
– Our costs will be less as there are minimal travel and hotel expenses
– Delegates are to be submitted by January 26, 2011, but not for Area Councils, we can submit later and still obtain the subsidy
– All committees are entitled to send 1 delegate; there is subsidy and the balance to be paid by committee

9. Tracy went over the by-law and regulation changes that affect our by-laws that affect the delegate status, etc

10. Social Justice Fund
– Cheque for $5,000 to be administered through the Area Council
– McGregor Community Care site will be our partner organization and a representative will be speaking at the Seasonal Celebration
– A suggestion put forth was to have a presentation done at the convention about what we’re doing with the Social Justice Fund money

11. 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12. Agreed to have an executive meeting in January to establish the budget, Tracy to e-mail last year’s budget to the executive

13. Sam moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:45; Dawn seconded it, so moved