Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes (May 5 2009)

In Attendance: Gerry Pendulak – Chair WAC; Matt Tijani – Co-chair WAC; Darlene McClure – Treasurer; Kelly Pendulak – Secretary; Carol Selby – Veterans Affairs Canada; Sam Barlin – Agriculture Canada; Robert Reimann Jr. – Service Canada; PSAC Staff: Maggie Armstrong – Regional Rep; Jocelyn Poirier – Regional Rep

Tuesday May 5, 2009

In Attendance:

Gerry Pendulak – Chair WAC
Matt Tijani – Co-chair WAC
Darlene McClure – Treasurer
Kelly Pendulak – Secretary
Carol Selby – Veterans Affairs Canada
Sam Barlin – Agriculture Canada
Robert Reimann Jr. – Service Canada

PSAC Staff:
Maggie Armstrong – Regional Rep
Jocelyn Poirier – Regional Rep

Regrets: Pat Mason

• Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm.
• Guest speaker Mike Davis from CUPE spoke regarding quality public services and the selling off of City of Winnipeg assets. Mike also spoke about the successes of the CUPE campaign such as the keeping of 311 services in Winnipeg and the possible sell off of water treatment plants.
• Motion to accept Agenda – M/S/C Carol/Matt
• Gerry spoke briefly about his experience as the WAC representative at PSAC Triennial convention.
• New Business – Kelly advised that WAC had received a request from the Winnipeg Labour Council for a donation towards the Mayworks Picnic event. Discussion lead to decision to investigate how the donation would be used. Members decided to donate only if the money could be used to help the children attending the picnic. Motion to donate $50 if condition is met. M/S/C Sam/ Robert
• Gerry advised of a poster from Habit for Humanity Winnipeg (HFHW) for the build at St. Mary’s church (downtown Winnipeg). Decision was made to have Jocelyn forward more information for the members to review before making a decision. M/S/C Gerry/ Sam
• Gerry spoke about door hanger that he received at the PSAC convention.
• Next meeting Sept 9/09 5:15 pm.
• Motion to adjourn meeting. M/S/C Darlene/ Carol
• Adjourned at 7:05