Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – May 25 2016

Attendance: Gloria Kelly; Greg Ballendine; Lorelei Topnik; Dawn MacAulay; Gus Mardli; Sheilagh Hanson; Yvonne Hein; Darlene McClure; Tracy Grove; Frank Janz; JoAnne Remillard; Chris Little-Gagné (Via Conference Call)

May 25, 2016 AT 5:30PM



Gloria Kelly, Greg Ballendine, Lorelei Topnik, Dawn MacAulay, Gus Mardli, Sheilagh Hanson, Yvonne Hein, Darlene McClure, Tracy Grove, Frank Janz, JoAnne Remillard, Chris Little-Gagné (Via Conference Call)


1.  Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:27pm

2.  Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3.  PSAC Statement of Harassment was read by Br. Frank Janz and deemed to be in effect

  • Sr. Gloria Kelly – harassment co-ordinator

4.  Adoption of Agenda –

  • Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr. Darlene McClure, second by Sr. Dawn MacAulay

5.  Adoption of April 27 minutes

  • Adopt the minutes by Sr. Kelly motioned, seconded by Sr. Lorelei Topnik.

6.  Treasure report

  • Balance – $3789.90
  • We now have online access to print statements
  • Motion to adopt the report – Sr. McClure, seconded by Sr. Tracy Grove

7.  Lobby Report

  • PSAC has a Lobbying Campaign
    • Try sit down with you local MP and talk about issues
  • Br. Mardli – Candice Bergen
    • The last 4 years she would not sit down with Br. Mardli
    • Now that the Conservatives are no longer in power, she is willing to sit down and listen. 
    • She is considering running for the leadership of her party
  • Br. Janz
    • Has spoken with many MP’s from all different parties
  • Sr. Kelly – Doug Eyolfson
    • Is going to talk to Doug about attending the air force run. 
  • Br. Chris Little- Gagné – Doug Eyolfson
    • Spoke with Doug and he listened.  Said he wanted to move things forward
    • Br. Little-Gagné spoke about wanting him to understand our point of view.
    • It was a positive meeting
  • Sr. Yvonne Hein – Dan Vandal
    • Still has not received a reply
    • She called and the person who answered the phone said they would look into sick leave with the treasury board and D. Vandal

8.  Social Justice Fund

  • Could not find somewhere to use the money
  • Sr. Sheilagh Hanson to talk to Bear Clan and see if they could use it, will talk to them and get back to Sr. Kelly for the Woman’s Committee to maybe help them.
  • Sr. Grove Motioned to give the money back and let the Woman’s Committee use it
  • Sr. Kelly seconded the motion

9.  Partnering with People’s Climate Plan by MEJC

  • Br. Bonner was not in attendance so not sure if he went and found out more information

10.  New Business

  • Transcona Hi Neighbour – cancelled
    • 3 members will be out of town during the event
    • Pride parade on the same weekend
    • Will try again next year
    • The money that was designated for this could be used for something else if we do up a business plan and get it approved.
  • Pride Parade
    • Sunday, June 5 – 11:30pm Rally, 12pm Walk
    • Have asked to place all Unions together in the parade
    • Would like to get as many members as possible out to the event
    • There is also a Pride Parade in Steinbach – Saturday July 9 @ 11am
    • Br. Little- Gagné will create an email to send regarding the Steinbach event
  • Manitoba Marathon
    • Sunday, June 19 – 6:30am
      • Greg, Sheilagh, Frank, Dawn, Gloria, Lorelei, Gus, Darlene attending
      • Chris – Alternate
    • Will be working the start line
    • Br. Mardli to look into PSAC T-Shirts

10a) Round Table:

  • Br. Janz – Rally
    • Tuesday, June 14 @ 11:30am
    • Frank is putting on a rally downtown
    • Start at the Legislative building and walk down Broadway ending at train station
    • BBQ lunch for all members attending
    • Br. Janz to contact PSAC to get president info to send out the information
  • Br. Janz – Santa Claus Parade
    • Saturday November 12, 2016
    • Is there interest in putting in a float for the parade
      • $600 plus gst to enter
      • $400 trailer rental approx
      • $$ for decorations/swag/candy
    • Br. Janz to put forward the proposal
  • Sr. Remillard
    • Thank you for the invitation
    • This was an enjoyable meeting and great to meet new people
  • Br. Ballendine
    • Just a reminder to try recruit well for more members to come to meetings
    • It’s the same people, the same members
    • Would like to encourage members to come out, they don’t have to be politically active
    • Suggested all councils get together for a meeting and join forces for different events 
  • Br. Little- Gagné
    • Thank you for letting him call in to meeting

11.  Next Meeting – Thursday, September 1 @ 5:30pm

12.  Adjournment – 7:40pm – motioned by Sr Grove, seconded by Sr Kelly