Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Mar 9 2016

Attendance: Gloria Kelly; Lorelei Topnik; Darlene McClure; Gus Mardli; Yvonne Hein; Tracy Grove; Matt Tijani; Greg Ballendine; Dawn MacAulay; Jamie Bonner; Stephanie Primrose; Christopher Little-Gagné (Via Conference Call)
Guest: REVP Marianne Hladun

MAR 9, 2016 AT 5:30PM

Gloria Kelly
Lorelei Topnik
Darlene McClure
Gus Mardli
Yvonne Hein
Tracy Grove
Matt Tijani
Greg Ballendine
Dawn MacAulay
Jamie Bonner
Stephanie Primrose
Christopher Little-Gagné (Via Conference Call)

GUEST: REVP Marianne Hladun

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Brother Mardli at 17:40
2. Brother Ballendine was asked to chair
3. Round Table – Introductions made by all in attendance
4. PSAC Statement of Harassment was deemed to be in effect
5. Adoption of Agenda – Moved to adopt the agenda by Sister Kelly, Seconded by Sister Hein
6. Oath of Office – Tracy Grove – WAC Secretary, administered by Sister Hladun

Motion to move agenda item #9 up to 6a as Sister Hladun needs to leave early
6a. Political Action:
– Update on Provincial Election – The Mail out will be done by Canada Post as Manitoba has strict communication requirements that we have to meet. And the cost not a factor.
Flyers should be received by last week of March
– Telephone Town Hall for Manitoba
Wednesday, April 13
– If there is anything else WAC members can think of regarding the
Election to please let Sister Hladun know as soon as possible
– If you are going to have a Meet & Greet, remember that you need to invite all candidates. Document all invitations to prove.
– Lise Pinkos – was nominated as NDP Candidate in Seine River
– “I’m Voting” signs that were used for the Federal Election are available for this election. Use them. 
– MFL – March 23rd 7-9PM All Party Debates
Poverty & Social Policy
Needs to be finalized

– Help any candidate that needs help. Priority will be to Woman Candidates.
– Brother Ballendine – Can we hit parties – invite all parties to an information/debate?
 Policy Forum? Q&A? Pitch Platform?
 How can we get this out to all parties
 Book a place – accessible with parking
 Will be up to the WAC to get the word out
 Brother Ballendine offered to get a hold of all political parties and ask if they are interested
 We should pick a date
 Try to get at least 3 parties, but send invite to all
 You can ask them to send rep they will most likely send someone
 Brother Greg to get it all together and talk to Brother Mathew – he is gone Friday until the 23rd.
– Mail out – should have another mail out
 Healthcare and Childcare – big issues
 maybe send out to locals
 facebook ads – works really well
 free press – online ads
 Need details as soon as possible to get it out in time.
 Confirm if we want to do this and reserve space by next week
– Other provinces
 SK can contribute directly to campaign and party
 They are having a mail out
 They are having a telephone town hall
 SK & PA are having a pancake breakfast
7. Adoption of minutes – January 20, 2016
– Motion to change the wording in #6 to read “with the social justice funds, not without”
8. 2016 Budget – see attached form
– motioned to approve the Budget – Moved by Brother Mardli, Seconded by Sister McClure
9. Lobbying reports and Brother Mardli is back in chair
– Brother Mardli & Candice Bergen – Brother Mardli wrote up a report
 She admitted she was misinformed
 She was agreeing now, regrets supporting the sick leave
 She was taking notes to get more informed
 She posted a picture of her and Gus
 Conservatives are trying to show they want to listen
– No other Lobbying to submit at this time
– Brother Frank Janz meeting with the J. Bezan, Ouellette and a few other candidates
– Sister H. McKinnon to meet with Nicki Ashton
– Sister Kelly stated that one of her members met with J. Bezan
– Brother Ballendine to meet with D. Blaikie
– Brother David Neufeld to meet with R. Ouellette and D. Vandale.
– If anyone is having trouble meeting their candidates please let us know
– WAC – select a member who has experience (pay loss of salary) to do some calling to members
 Encourage them to engage with their candidates
 Call out to presidents/members who came on training
 Get locals to give contact information for calling
10. Political Action:
– Budget Watch Session?
– Call and get local presidents to come and do a budget watch
– Send a letter to all presidents from WAC to invite them to budget watch
– Ask for $ from PSAC to cover loss of wages to members
– Talk to Sister Tracy Thor – Phase 1
– March 24?
11. Old Business
– Members trained PSST
– We have lists, will keep them at WAC
– Email came out from Sister Hladun – no further training until 2018
12. Social Justice Fund
– Community centre to do a garden
– Brother Mardli & Sister Kelly to discuss next week to get this going
13. Bargaining Update
– CFIA & Treasury Boards are now in Ottawa (TC, FB, PA, SV)
– CRA – going back to meet with employer maybe Mar 22?
14. PRC Meeting report – Brother M. Tijani
– Sask Feb 19-21
– Federal Election – didn’t go exactly how we wanted, but we did defeat Harper.
– Discussed what lessons we learned and what we can do going forward
– Start to lobby hard, this coming from Ottawa
– Lobby MP’s – one of our priorities
– Engage members – through locals
– Need new phrase or wording to use to get more involved.
– Convention – registration to come out of subsidy
 Sept 6 – convention call out
 Sept 8 Resolution deadline
 Jan 21/22 Committee meeting
 Feb 21 Post Resolution
 Mar 16 Deadline
 April 21/23 Prairie Regional Convention in Winnipeg
 Frank is the head of the Host Committee
 Need volunteers
 Theme – Celebrate our history/Inspiring our Future
– Last Convention – Regional Health and Safety Committee
 Brother Mardli & Brother Ben Lemon to Co-chair
 Discussion going on
– Meeting with REVP National Boards
15. Next Meeting Date
– Budget Watch Meeting March 24th – 1:00pm?
– Next Meeting – April 27th 5:30pm
Sister Stephanie Primrose – UDP update (Union Development Program)
– 4 days in Vancouver
– Step 1 meet and greet
– Go to local, ask their concerns
– Get demographic of Local
– They met the REVP’s from the Pacific region
– Made lots of friends
– Next meeting in Ottawa
Brother Jamie Bonner – Threats of Life and Steps for life
– May 1st
– Need volunteers
 Registration, set up, children exercises
 Warm up exercises
 Send to Brother Bonner and executive
17. Meeting adjourned 7:30pm – motioned by Sister Tracy Grove, Seconded by Sister Lorelei Topnik