Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes (Mar 25 2010)

In Attendance: Gloria Kelly, UNDE 50705, AC Chair; Matt Tijani, AGR 50073, AC Vice Chair and PRC Rep; Darlene McClure, AGR 50073, AC Treasurer; Sam Barlin, AGR 50073; Alan Kell, CEIU 50767; Joanne DesLauriers, CEIU 50767; Tracy Thor, PSAC Staff

Winnipeg Area Council

General Meeting Minutes 

Thursday March 25, 2010 at 5:15 pm

In Attendance:
Gloria Kelly, UNDE 50705, AC Chair
Matt Tijani, AGR 50073, AC Vice Chair and PRC Rep
Darlene McClure, AGR 50073, AC Treasurer
Sam Barlin, AGR 50073
Alan Kell, CEIU 50767
Joanne DesLauriers, CEIU 50767
Tracy Thor, PSAC Staff

Janet May, UPCE RVP
Vimbai Dune, AGR 50073

  1. Call to Order 5:30 pm by Gloria Kelly
  2. PSAC Statement on Harassment reviewed
  3. Adoption of Agenda – Motioned by Matt Tijani, Seconded by Darlene McClure, Carried
  4. Adoption of Minutes — Wednesday Dec 3, 2009 — Motioned by Matt Tijani, Seconded by Darlene McClure, Carried
  5. Financial Report – 2010 proposed budget and 2009 financial statements have been forwarded to Robyn Benson REVP and approval by the Prairie Region Council for 2010 funding. For next year the book must be audited prior to the AGM by another one of the committees.
  6. UPDATE – Pension Campaign – over 70,000 signatures collected and forwarded to members of parliament by PSAC HQ, locals were contacted by PRC Member Gerry regarding petition and to have PRC or Staff come out to AGM’s and talk about Pensions. PSAC will try to submit to the Task Force on Financial Literacy in person at the meetings or through email submission. Will have information session on Pension and the effects of the budget for members. Guest speaker to be arranged. Tracy will arrange speaker for either April 20th or 22 at 5:15 pm and again in May 5 or 12 at 3:30 and 5:30.
  7. UPDATE – 2010 Habitat Build – adopt a day has been set for Thurs June 24th and Wed Aug 25th. Tracy to send out information to the membership. $200 must be raised in order to volunteer and suggest a way of building some support from locals is to have a challenge to locals to raise the most money or to sponsor a volunteer and help to raise the $200 donation requirement. We do this to raise funds, awareness and offer a positive image to PSAC members in the community.
  8. NEW – Federal Budget Analysis – PSAC sent out flyer to members and will be part of the member information meetings
  9. New Business –
  10. PSMA Review, Treasury Board review and asking employees about what they thought of PSMA or difficulties they had in access or maneuvering in some of the applications, union involved in analysis as well
  11. Parliamentary Speaker asks government to produce documents on Afghan detainees or force a rule of whether or not the government is in contempt of parliament; ruling could be a trigger to an election and will be precedent setting, watch in the coming weeks
  12. Next meeting date – May 27, 5:15 pm
  13. Adjournment – 6:25 pm by Gloria Kelly