Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Mar 15 2017

Attendance: Gus Mardli, Tracy Grove, Greg Ballendine, Yvonne Hein, Lorelei Topnik, Sheilagh Hanson, Gloria Kelly, Faye Kingyens, Frank Janz, Bernard Baloy


ATTENDANCE: Gus Mardli, Tracy Grove, Greg Ballendine, Yvonne Hein, Lorelei Topnik, Sheilagh Hanson, Gloria Kelly, Faye Kingyens, Frank Janz, Bernard Baloy.
REGRETS: Jamie Bonner, Dawn MacAulay

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:30pm

2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3. Adoption of Agenda
– Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr. Topnik, second by Sr. Grove

4. PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed to be in effect

5. Adoption of Feb 8, 2017 minutes
– Adopt the minutes by Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Kingyens

6. Treasure report o Balance
– $567.51 as of February 28
– Need to deposit $100 chq from Agriculture Component
– Motion to adopt the report – Sr. Hanson, seconded by Sr. Kelly

7. Prairie Voice Awards
– Community Champion – Award to a member who is active and involved in their community. Someone who participates in community events, dedicates time to volunteer work, and works towards making their community a better place for everyone.
• Br. Greg Ballendine was nominated
– he is a great member who is always volunteering and getting volunteers out, advocating for his community, working with many unions not just his local. He is a great leader in the community and would be a great nominee for this award
• All voted in favour of nominating Br. Ballendine
– Changing the World – Awarded to a member who is involved in political action or the broader labour movement. Someone who leads marches, organizes rallies, or knocks on the doors of politicians. Someone who is politically charged and devoted to positive change.
• Br. Frank Janz was nominated ­
– He is a great leader that has organized many rallys in many different communities, cities and provinces. He is stepping up in his position, communicating with politicians, engaging members across the prairies.
• All voted in favour of nominating Br. Janz
– Emerging Activist – Awarded to a member who has proven themselves as a future leader of our union. Someone who has recently gotten more involved with the union and is taking on positions, learning more about their union and collective agreement and dedicating their time to justice for workers.
• Br. Ryan Zacharias was nominated
-­ He has been an enthusiast to get more involved with the union. He was accepted for UDP, Co-chair of Human Rights committee. He has started lobbying politicians, organized the Pride parade. Wants to be a young workers delegate
• 9 voted for nominating Br. Zacharias, 1 voted against – nomination accepted

7a. NDP Convention
– Labour caucus @ 5:30 at the union centre
• Friday night a federal candidate leaders mixer – $100 a ticket
• They should be elected by Halloween
• There are 4 main candidates
• They should roll out better training, see if our people can con get that training – who you need to talk to, how to talk to them
• NDP has a plan –softer sell, get the emotional connection
• They are millions $ in dept
• Membership lists are kept by provincial not federal

8. Round table:
– Sr. Hanson
• There is a Lobbying course in June at the MFL women’s conference
• Maybe they could come talk to us • Sr. Hanson to look into and discuss more with Br. Mardli
– Sr. Hein
• Was working a ratification vote
• Was disappointed with the small turn out
– Br. Ballendine
• There are no more meetings until May so this is a reminder for members to remember dates (MayDay, Fathers day – marathon, etc) stay connected. Come out
– Sr. Topnik
• Marathon – how is it going?
• We have 7 members so far, will not have enough to volunteer for a table by ourselves, but can possible get put with another group to work together
– Br. Janz
• Convention – he will be getting a hospitality room
• The leadership vote is on Sunday
• He will be taking a trip out West to engage members
– Sr. Kingyens
• Question – Why are delegates not funded? ­
Answer: there is not enough money ­
There was a surplus of over $260 thousand, they used that money to pay registration for delegates

9. Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 03 @ 5:30pm

10. Meeting adjourned – 6:50pm