Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes (Jun 15 2011)

In Attendance: Darlene McClure, AGR 50073; Dawn MacAulay, AGR 50073; Heather Millar, CEIU 50772; Matt Tijani, AGR 50073; Raye Zegeye, AGR 50057; Victoria Houston, CEIU; Enid Sutton, UTE; Carol Selby, UVAE 50044; Hycinth Jayasuriya, GSU 50057; Gloria Kelly, UNDE 50705; Gus Mardli, AGR 50056; Tracy Thor, PSAC Staff

Winnipeg Area Council
General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Winnipeg Regional Office

In Attendance:

Darlene McClure, AGR 50073
Dawn MacAulay, AGR 50073
Heather Millar, CEIU 50772
Matt Tijani, AGR 50073
Raye Zegeye, AGR 50057
Victoria Houston, CEIU
Enid Sutton, UTE
Carol Selby, UVAE 50044
Hycinth Jayasuriya, GSU 50057
Gloria Kelly, UNDE 50705
Gus Mardli, AGR 50056
Tracy Thor, PSAC Staff

1. Called to order at 5:18

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment

3. Adoption of Agenda – moved by Darlene and seconded by Gus

4. Adoption of Minutes of Meeting April 6, 2011 – moved by Darlene, seconded by Gus

5. Gloria advised that Guest Speaker Lynne Fernandez from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives was unable to attend for a family related emergency but had hoped to stress the following:
– very important that we keep on top of the cuts that are coming down
– need to keep union up-to-date on whether the cuts are occurring in your area are large or just one or two jobs at a time, Robyn Benson can compiled information to HQ for a National strategy
– Provincial Federation of Labour has started a campaign called “Families For Manitoba”, will be in print and on the radio but TV is too expensive. The focus is on working families and emphasize issues such as Health and Safety and health care

6. General Discussion about the upcoming Provincial Election.
Gloria asked “what do we want from the Area Council?”

– an information sheet geared to our members so they are aware of how the Provincial election will affect all of us, because federal employees might not realize how it will affect us, send e-mail or make calls to constituency offices, etc

7. Roundtable
– Matt gave a synopsis of the convention last weekend
– Gloria continued with the observation that Robyn’s opening speech was excellent, there were excellent resolutions, good discussions, and that most of the priorities were addressed

8. Election of 2 Alternate positions was already held at the April 12, 2011 meeting so no need

9. Next Meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10. Adjourned at 6:35