Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Jan 12 2017

Attendance: Greg Ballendine; Yvonne Hein; Gloria Kelly; Lorelei Topnik; Sheilagh Hanson; Ryan Zacharias; Gus Mardli; Matt Tijani; Tracy Grove; Frank Janz; Shelley Jamieson



Greg Ballendine                                 Yvonne Hein                          Gloria Kelly

Lorelei Topnik                                   Sheilagh Hanson                    Ryan Zacharias

Gus Mardli                                          Matt Tijani

Tracy Grove                                       Frank Janz


Shelley Jamieson

REGRETS:   Dawn MacAulay and Jamie Bonner


  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:35pm
  2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  3. Adoption of Agenda –
    • Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr. Kelly, second by Br. Tijani
  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed to be in effect
    • Sr. Gloria Kelly – harassment co-ordinator for female
    • Br. Frank Janz – harassment co-ordinator for male
  5. Adoption of November 29 minutes
    • Sr. Grove verified that Br. Tijani was not in attendance at last meeting
    • #7 – please amend minutes to read that Sr Kelly and Sr Topnik were not in attendance at the Laying of the wreath on Remembrance Day
    • Adopt the minutes by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Sr. Lorelei Topnik.
  6. Treasure report
    • Balance – $649.47
    • Returned $2177.75 social justice fund money that was not used
    • Motion to adopt the report – Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Grove
  7. Planning the 2017 Area Council events
    • Manitoba Marathon – asking for $200
      • Would like to get a water station
      • Need to contact right away
      • Br. Mardli to work on getting a water station
    • Remembrance Day Wreath – $150
      • Ask through legion this year
    • Season Celebration
      • Perhaps have it tied in with Santa Claus Parade and get together after parade?
    • Santa Claus Parade – $1700
      • $650 entry fee, $300 trailer rental, $40 sound system, $500 candy
      • Need to buy more decorations
      • Banner for sides?
    • Labour Day – $500
      • Buy more freezies this year
      • Get swag and tattoos
      • Suggested that if you have time to help out with BBQ as they always need volunteers.
    • Hi-Neighbour festival – $250
      • Need to decide what to do
      • Possibly do something on the Saturday, not Sunday as that is the Pride Parade
      • If it is Charitable donation the table will be free
      • Bake sale?
    • Canada Summer Games
      • It is in Winnipeg this year
      • Sr. Kelly stated that it volunteers may need to register by Early February and possibly need to commit to 30 hours
      • Can we perhaps volunteer for something as a group?
      • Br. Janz will look into seeing if we can volunteer
      • Get an estimate if there is a cost
      • Sr. Kelly has names and contacts that Br. Janz can contact
    • Meetings – $700
      • Winnipeg Area Council meetings – 10 meetings
    • Daniel Blakie – $200
      • Ask for money for upcoming events/fundraisers
      • We could use this money to buy  gift for fundraiser donation etc
    • Public Service Week – $2000?
      • Look at having a BBQ during this week for members
      • Money would cover cost of food/swag
      • Loss of salary for 1 – 2 members for that day when organizing etc
      • Talk to other area councils to see if they do this? Or what they do?
      • Br. Ballendine to create business plan regarding this
    • Pride Parade
      • Human Rights committee will look into this and let us know if we can help and the dates if we want to attend
      • All parades? Winnipeg, Steinbach, Portage
    • Political Science Professor – $150
      • There is a professor (not sure of his name) who is willing to come and help teach members how to lobby
      • Could we pair this up with a meeting and have him come in for a few hours
      • Money can go towards a honorarium for having him come
      • Have cookies and coffee
    • Strike Emergency Fund – $300
      • Would like to have access to money available to react quickly if other unions are on strike.  Would like to have $$ so that we can go and offer coffee/donuts etc to show support
      • Would be for MFL affiliated unions
      • There would be parameters – would have a quick email/doodle pole with executive to approve of funds if there was a union on strike. 
      • Executive members would approve via email/doodle pole
    • BUDGET needs to be signed off and submitted by March 15
  8. Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 8 @ 5:30pm
    • Br Janz – Siloam Mission
      • Would like to look into more dates to volunteer
      • Sr Hanson to help with getting dates and organizing
      • Suggested that July and August be good time as that is their lowest volunteer dates
    • Br. Ballendine – PRC Jan 19-22
      • PRC is all day Thursday and Friday
      • Saturday and Sunday are when the Committee’s meet
      • More than welcome to attend as an observer
  10. Meeting adjourned