Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Feb 8 2017

Attendance: Gus Mardli; Tracy Grove; Greg Ballendine; Lorelei Topnik; Sheilagh Hanson; Jamie Bonner; Faye Kingyens; Frank Janz






Gus Mardli; Tracy Grove

Greg Ballendine;Yvonne Hein;

Lorelei Topnik;Sheilagh Hanson &;

Jamie Bonner; Faye Kingyens

Frank Janz;

Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 6:00pm

  • Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  • Adoption of Agenda –
    • Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr. Grove, second by Sr. Topnik
  • PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed to be in effect
  • Adoption of November 29 minutes
    • Adopt the minutes by Sr. Hanson, seconded by Sr. Hein.
  • Treasurer report
    • Balance – $649.47 as of December 31
    • Motion to adopt the report – Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Grove
  • Budget 2017
    • PRIDE weekend
      • Take out of Hi Neighbour activities as it is the same weekend as Pride weekend
      • Human Rights asked for $$ but all committees are encouraged to come and help out
      • Human Rights will have all the details
    • Manitoba Marathon
      • Changes to the finish line and water stations
      • Br Mardli to look into if we can work a water station
      • Might have to be a sponsor? 
      • If at a water station, will need a lot of volunteer members
    • Public Service Week
      • Br Ballendine to get proposal plan together
      • Looking at BBQ at Fort Garry Park
      • Need proposal done by February 28
    • Season Celebration 
      • Look into having a get together at Br Janz place after Santa Claus Parade
      • Ask for $200
    • Santa Claus Parade
      • Br Janz to do proposal for more money to get more decorations and a banner created
      • Need proposal done by February 28
    • Political Science Professor
      • There is a professor  who is willing to come and help teach members how to lobby
      • Could we pair this up with a meeting and have him come in for a few hours
      • Money can go towards a honorarium for having him come
      • Br Ballendine has his name
      • Have cookies and coffee
    • Canada Summer Games
      • Br Janz emailed regarding this, there is no “group volunteering” available
      • Will need to volunteer on our own
      • Is it possible to get PSAC t-shirts for members to wear when volunteering to promote PSAC?
      • Br Mardli will look into T-shirts
    • Strike Emergency Fund
      • Would like to have access to money available to react quickly if other unions are on strike.  Would like to have $$ so that we can go and offer coffee/donuts etc to show support
    • Motion to adopt WAC Budget 2017 – Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Topnik
  • Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 03 @ 5:30pm
  • ROUND TABLE: nothing
  • Meeting adjourned  – 7:15pm
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