Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Apr 9 2014

Attendees: Gloria Kelly (UNDE), Gus Mardli (AGR), Darlene McClure (AGR), Myke Briggs (Stats Canada), Stephen Cabak (UNE), Matt Tijani (AAFC), Dawn MacAulay (AGR), Tracy Thor (PSAC Representative)

Winnipeg Area Council

April 9, 2014 – 5:15 pm

PSAC Regional Office  

175 Hargrave Street





Gloria Kelly (UNDE), Gus Mardli (AGR), Darlene McClure (AGR), Myke Briggs (Stats Canada), Stephen Cabak (UNE), Matt Tijani (AAFC), Dawn MacAulay (AGR), Tracy Thor (PSAC Representative)


1.   Call to Order at 5:30 p.m.

2.   PSAC Statement on Harassment read by Gus

3.   Adoption of Agenda

  • additions – Human Rights Committee suggested t-shirts

moved by Gloria Kelly

seconded by Darlene

agreed to by all

4.   Adoption of Minutes – Feb 19, 2014  

  • Changes – #6 – addition of an “s” to question in the sentence starting “Gather some questions . . “

moved by Dawn

seconded by Gloria

agreed to by all

5.   UPDATE – Political Action in the province

–      Gloria asked if anyone had heard from the CLC and the response was a resounding NO.

–      Gloria gave us an outline of the questions she came up with and we all agreed that they were good.  The questions will be sent to Marianne Hladun for approval.  We need to have this finalized by the May 28th meeting so that we can have things in place for a mail out (under construction).

–      The Women’s Committee is looking for someone to come out to a meeting (in June if possible).

–      Suggestions were Kelly Moist and Judy Wasylycia-Leis.

6.   NEW– PSAC outreach to members

–      Last night Marianne mentioned a town hall, webinars, and brown bag lunches

–      Information is in the mail

–      Suggestion to ask Assiniboine Downs for a “Pencils for Schools” type thing (like we did with the Blue Bombers)

7.   NEW – Social Justice Fund project – Gloria re-iterated that the premise of the Social Justice Fund is to provide “seed” money so that the organization can build on what we give them.

  • Gus provided a couple of sheets of information (attached to minutes) of Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc, better known as Ndinawe.  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting uirban Aboriginal youth although their doors are open to all youth.
  • Gus will be contacting Ndinawe (Tammy Christianson, Executive Director) to get more details of the money required for their arts program and kitchen equipment.

8.   Human Rights Committee T-Shirts

  • Gus provided details about the cost of the t-shirts (ranging from $14.50 to $23 each, depending on how many were ordered), as well as passed around a potential picture of the t-shirt (vibrant!).
  • The idea of the t-shirts is that volunteers would wear them when they are participating in different union-related activities.  Also, the t-shirts could be sold to re-coup some of the monies.
  • Marianne can veto the idea for a number of reasons, such as cost or feasibility.  It must be viable for all committees / councils, not just the Human Rights committee.
  • Gus will look further into this and get back to the committee.  He will talk to Marianne and will respond to Chris.

9.   Next meeting is Wednesday, May 28th.

10.  Adjournment at 6:45

moved by Gloria

seconded by Darlene

agreed to by all