Winnipeg AC Mtg Minutes – Apr 27 2016

Attendance: Gloria Kelly; Lorelie Topnik; Gus Mardli; Yvonne Hein; Tracy Grove; Matt Tijani; Greg Ballendine; Dawn MacAulay; Jamie Bonner; Sheilagh Hanson; Nicole Papineau; George Piwtorak; Stephanie Primrose

Apr 27, 2016 AT 5:30PM



Gloria Kelly, Lorelie Topnik, Gus Mardli, Yvonne Hein, Tracy Grove, Matt Tijani, Greg Ballendine, Dawn MacAulay, Jamie Bonner, Sheilagh Hanson, Nicole Papineau, George Piwtorak, Stephanie Primrose

REGRETS:       Christopher Little-Gagné (Via Conference Call), Frank Janz, Darlene McClure

GUEST: REVP Marianne Hladun​


1.  Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:34

2.  Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3.  PSAC Statement of Harassment was deemed to be in effect

4.  Adoption of Agenda –

  • #9 Alex Patterson need to be moved to last as he is not here at the moment
  • Moved to adopt the agenda by Sr Lorelei Topnik, second by Sr Sheilagh Hanson

5.  Adoption of Mar 9 minutes – change name spelling of D. Vandal on second page

  • Take out Threats of Life and steps for life information – entered in error
  • Br G. Ballendine motioned, seconded by Sr Yvonne Hein.

6.  Treasure report

  • Budget approved for $1540 with $381.34 carried over = total of $1921.34
  • Sister Topnik requested to be able to have online access to be able to print statements
  1. Only be able to view account activities and print statements
  2. Would not be able to do any other banking activities.
  3. Online access approved
  • Motion to adopt Treasure report by Sr Grove, seconded by Sr Kelly

7.  Provincial Election Report

  • Sent letters to members
  1. What we could put in communication we sent out in the letter
  2. It was a generic letter due to the Election Act in Manitoba
  3. Letters were sent out through Canada Post – Ad-mail, seemed to be a good idea, but realized that half the people present did not receive a letter
  • Telephone town hall – April 13th
  1. Phoned approx 5000 people
  2. 50 people stayed on the phone until the end
  3. Will continue to do town halls. 
  4. Disappointed that not more members stayed on line but there were 50 people that stayed to listen and receive the information.
  • Thanks to the Winnipeg Area Council for trying to have the information session with all the political parties
  1. PC party would not participate
  2. Liberal candidate was removed, and could not find another replacement
  3. Due to not having at least 3 parties available, the night was cancelled
  • Overall was not a surprise with the outcome. 
  1. Will pay close attention to the new government and what it does

8.  Federal Budget Watch

  • March 22, 2016 – got together to watch
  • Budget, was a bit better than expected
  • Established a lot of programs, who will be doing this?  Will they put bodies in with training and resources?
  • ​Bargain in good faith and respect.  They did not mention sick leave. 
    i. No change to the bargaining table
  • 8a) Phoenix Pay System
  • Flags have been raised
  • Members have not been getting paid, it is the department responsibility
  • Phoenix is out right failure.
  • There is a post on the website where to go to put in a claim if your pay is wrong
  • Tell your members to call MPs if there are issues and to keep contacting the pay centre.
  • Members at Miramichi are not getting trained; many experienced members have left or are on stress leave.

9.  New Business – Moved to 14A)

  • Partnering with Peoples Climate Plan
  1. Discuss at end of meeting in case Br. Paterson shows up to discuss

10. Lobby Report

  • Please let PSAC know if your PM is not answering you.
  • Sr. Kelly  – Doug Eyolfson, Charleswood/St James
  1. He is on the Health & Veterans committees
  2. He toured Stony Mountain Institution, in the process of touring the 17 Wing
  3. He was very approachable, and was eager to listen, said for her to come back anytime. 
  4. Gloria to give report to Sr. Thor
  • Sr. Hladun – Terry Duguid, Winnipeg South
  1. Haven’t talked to him yet
  2. She did send letter to all MPs, have a contact list of all MP
  • Sr. Papineau – Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Winnipeg Centre
  1. Sent letter to Mr Falcon-Ouellette, has yet to hear back
  • Sr. Hein – Dan Vandal, St Vital
  1. Sent letter, did not receive a response yet
  • Br. Bonner – Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Winnipeg Centre
  1. He is having an open house at Portage Place
  2. 15 minute time to talk
  3. Will be going to talk to him

11. Political Party Convention

  • Br. Ballendine – 5 people went from USGE
  • They are looking at taking 2 yrs to conduct a leadership race.  Usually it is one year
  • They attended the MB Caucus as well as the PSAC Caucus
  1. Spoke about our thoughts, where NDP was going forward
  2. Mulcair – wasn’t accessible, did not give a very good speech
  3. Spoke about what the party failed at
  4. Br. Ballendine got elected into the NDP Council
  • There was a Q&A session the next morning
  • We sent people to the liberal and Conservative conventions
  1. Wanting to get people out and having conversations

11a)    National Public Service Week

  • Boycott is still on.
  • Asking all members to not participate in this week  
  • June 8 – National Day of Solidarity, asking members to step out of work all at the same time to show support in the bargaining.

12. May Day Event

  • May 1st @ 12:30pm City Hall
  • Greg to bring drum
  • Hope as many people can come out

13. Bargaining and Mobilization – June Activities

  • June 8th – try get people to take pictures
  1. Let your members know
  • Bargaining Update
  1. Not much to update
  2. We put in offer of 3%, 3%, 3%
  3. They will be back to bargaining in the Middle of June
  • June 19 – Manitoba Marathon
  1. Water station
  2. Prefer to be all at one station
  3. Sr MacAulay, Sr McClure, Sr Topnik, Sr Hanson
  • Labour day – freezies
  • St Norbert Farmers Market – Sometime in fall (Sept?)
  1. Wanting to show the Alliance being more visible
  2. Sr Kelly, Sr Topnik, Br Mardli
  • High Neighbour Festival
  1. June 3, 4, 5
  2. Bake sale
  3. Need PSAC tent – Sr Hanson can get

14. Social Justice Fund

  • Need to have proposal in by May 31st
  • $2177.75
  • If we don’t spend it, it will go back and will see if the Woman’s or Human Rights Committee can use it
  • It is for Poverty Reduction – inner city
  • Sr Papineau to call a few places to see if we can find a project to help fund
  • If anyone has ideas please notify Br Mardli

14a)    New Business – Peoples Climate Plan

  • Alex Patterson, Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition
  • Climate Politics attached
  • Main goal is to get people involved
  • Meeting May 5th @ 6:45pm
  • Br. Bonner to attend meeting to try get more info if he is free  

15. Next Meeting date – May 25th @ 5:30pm

16. Adjournment – 7:40pm – motioned by Sr Hanson, seconded by Sr MacAulay