Winnipeg AC AGM Minutes – May 3 2017

Attendance: Gus Mardli; Tracy Grove; Tania Lachance; Cheryl Dubree; Greg Ballendine; Yvonne Hein; Serina Pottinger; Jamie Bonner; Lorelei Topnik; Sheilagh Hanson; Shelley Henn; Tania Lachance; Gloria Kelly; Faye Kingyens; Christine Dmyterko; Frank Janz; Chris Little-Gagné (via conference call); Regional Rep: Karoline Klug

MAY 03 AT 5:30PM

Gus Mardli Tracy Grove Tania Lachance Cheryl Dubree
Greg Ballendine Yvonne Hein Serina Pottinger Jamie Bonner
Lorelei Topnik Sheilagh Hanson Shelley Henn Tania Lachance
Gloria Kelly Faye Kingyens Christine Dmyterko Frank Janz

Chris Little-Gagné (via conference call)

Regional Rep: Karoline Klug

Regrets: Dawn MacAulay, Matt Tijani, Peter Barr, Ken Yestrau

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:33pm

2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3. Adoption of Agenda:
o Moved to adopt the agenda as amended by Sr. Kelly, seconded by Sr. Grove. Carried

4. PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed to be in effect:
o Sr. Gloria Kelly – harassment co-ordinator for female
o Br. Frank Janz – harassment co-ordinator for male
o Moved by Sr. Faye Kingyens, seconded by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson

5. Adoption of Feb 25 2016 AGM minutes
o Br. Ballendine moved to adopt the minutes, seconded by Sr. Topnik. Adopted as amended.

6. Chair report:
Br. Ballendine assumed the Chair.
o Br. Janz stated it was a very good report and reflects well on what the WAC has done over the past year
o Motion to amend all spelling errors by Sister Lachance.
o Motion to approve report by Br. Mardli, seconded by Sr. Kelly. Approved as amended (see report attached)
Brother Mardli is back in chair.

7. Treasurer’s report
o Balance – $592.73 as of April 30
o This balance is before the food for tonight’s and last month’s meetings.
o Motion to approve the report by Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Hein. Approved.

7a. Budget 2017
o Winnipeg Area Council meetings:
• $560 approved
o Water Station at Manitoba Marathon:
• $200 approved
o Public Service Week:
• The $600 was suppose to be for loss of salaries for two activists.
• $1000 approved for meal.
• Br. Janz stated that wages usually get paid from a different budget so that is why it was not approved through a cheque to WAC but a separate fund.
• Br. Mardli to send email to REVP requesting clarification
o Labour Day:
• $500 was asked for, we received $250 plus swag will be provided by RO.
o Remembrance Day Wreath:
• $150 approved – will look into getting it from the Manitoba Northwest Legion command
o Daniel Blaikie Silent Auction:
• $200 not approved as this is like a political donation
• RVPs have funds to donate to silent auctions and such for politicians
o Santa Parade:
• $1700 approved
• Use this to pay for registration, rentals and buy a banner and more decorations for parade
o Seasonal Celebration:
• $200 approved
o Political Science Professor:
• Education for council/committees
• $150 approved
o Canada Summer Games:
• $400 was approved
• Unfortunately a group volunteer is not allowed with the games
• We could look into doing something at the Manitoba Night that is on the 2nd Monday of the Games (July 30th?)
• You can volunteer individually though
• If this money is not used for the Canada Summer Games, we can use for a different event, just need to put in a business case for it
o Strike Emergency Fund:
• $300 was approved
• This will go towards other unions that are on strike
• Allows us to react quickly when strikes happen, to buy coffee, tea, donuts etc for the strikers and show our support
• It is only allowed to be used for people on strike
o Br. Ballendine asked about the funding for Area Councils from the surplus
• The finance committee requested $24,000 funds from the surplus to go to the area councils
• The finance committee wanted to make sure there was money available for all requests
• There is up to $20,000 allocated to area councils this year to use if needed and requested with proper business cases etc.
o it was noted by the finance committee that the Winnipeg Area Council had very good business cases, that were worded properly and explained what they were asking for. Good Job!
o Br. Ballendine – Did we exceed the $10,000 last year?
• It was within budget

8. Elections – Winnipeg Area Council Executive:

o Br. Mardli turned the floor to Sister Karoline Klug to run elections
• Chair
­ Br. Ballendine nominated Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Sr. Kelly
­ there were no other nominations
­ Br. Gus Mardli accepted the position
• Vice Chair
­ Br. Mardli nominated Br. Greg Ballendine, seconded by Sr. Topnik
­ There were no other nominations
­ Br. Greg Ballendine accepted the position
• Secretary
­ Sr. Hanson nominated Sr. Shelley Henn, seconded by Sr. Dmyterko
­ Br. Mardli nominated Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Sr. Lachance
­ Secret ballot was completed, Sr. Tracy Grove won
­ Sr. Tracy Grove accepted the position
• Treasurer
­ Sr. Kelly nominated Sr. Lorelei Topnik , seconded by Sr. Lachance
­ There were no other nominations
­ Sr. Lorelei Topnik accepted the position

9. Elections – 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention:

• 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention Delegate:
­ Br. Gus Mardli was nominated by Sr. Kelly, seconded by Sr. Grove
­ Br. Greg Ballendine was nominated by Sr. Lachance, seconded by Sr. Topnik
­ Secret ballot was completed, Br. Gus Mardli won the Delegate

• 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention Alternate to Delegate:
­ Br. Greg Ballendine was nominated by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Lachance
­ Sr. Lorelei Topnik was nominated by Br. Ballendine, seconded by Sr. Kelly
­ Secret ballot was completed, Br. Greg Ballendine won the Alternate to Delegate
o There was a motion by Sr. Kelly to have ALL ballots destroyed, seconded by Sr. Topnik, all were in favour.

10. Executive Oath:
o Sister Karoline Klug swore in the new executive

11. Manitoba NDP Leadership Convention – Br. Ballendine:
o The convention is in September 2017
o There are many unused delegate seats, encourage members to go out and become a member, and possibly be a delegate at the convention
o Cost $20 to be a member (political donation)
o Need to get your name in by June 18th to have the chance to be a delegate
o We need members to go, so that we have a say.
o They have had trouble in the past filling labour seats at the convention
o We want labour activists to become involved and get their say.
o Much like the federal NDP or any political party, it is good to get involved
o We need to spread out and let all parties know our objectives
o Join a riding association to have a say
o Encourage members to get involved

12. Round Table:

o Br. Mardli
• Just wanted to mention that it is Asian heritage month and that there are pamphlets and posters here to take for your members
• There are Respect Vegerville pins and posters also for distribution
• Thanks to everyone for showing up and contributing the last year
• We need all of you, and we want to do work, so it is good to have members coming out
• Convention – was positive, was happy with the resolutions that were passed
• What was bad about convention was the politics- could of done better
• We have a voice, keep making a difference

o Br. Little-Gagne
• Wanted everyone to be aware and support many components that are still in bargaining – Parks Canada, Stats survey & operations, Canadian Human Rights Museum, Office and field workers etc

o Br. Janz
• Just wanted everyone to be aware that he ran for REVP at the convention
• Wanted to thank everyone that was there and for the support from the members, he learned a lot
• There is greatness coming for our union, looking forward to this summer!

o Sr. Hein
• Thank Sr. Grove and Br. Janz for the fantastic job on the silent auction at the convention
• $3000 raised
• Also thank you to all the locals that contributed to the silent auction

o Sr. Dmyterko
• The convention was good, was prepared for a lot of questions regarding the financial report, was surprised that there was no questions
• Her component had 3 1st time delegates, and they all got involved with committees! Great to see

o Sr. Lachance
• Is a member again! 

o Br. Ballendine
• Would like to give the PSAC staff a hand for the great job they did at convention
• We should write a letter from the WAC saying thanks
• Br. Janz is A/REVP
• Br. Mardli, Sr. Topnik, Br. Bonner, Sr. Hanson, Br. Little-Gagne – Good job for stepping up and all your elected positions!
• New PRC – Br. Little-Gagne, Br. Janz, Br. Mardli, Br. Ballendine part of it, look forward to making improvements
• Cautiously optimistic for this year and the area council

o Sr. Kelly
• Convention was good – thanks to everyone who nominated her for her award
• It was really nice to see all the members to receive awards – Greg, Ryan, Gloria
• Thanks for whoever organized and had Starbucks open!

o Sr. Kingyens
• Convention – enjoyed it, however was not thrilled with the location
• There were a few complaints about the museum and not being able to see more of it
• Budget was ok, it improved with the audit
• Was surprised there were no questions regarding the budget

13. Next Meeting
o Wednesday June 7, 2017 @ 5:30pm

14. Adjournment
o Motion to Adjourn – Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Lachance