Winnipeg AC AGM Minutes – Feb 24 2016

Attendees: Dawn MacAulay, Gloria Kelly, Darlene McClure, Steven Cabak, Yvonne Hein, Greg Ballendine, Gus Mardli, Matt Tijani, Lorelei Topnik, Jamie Bonner, Frank Janz, Chris Little-Gagné

Winnipeg Area Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes
PSAC Regional Office
175 Hargrave Street
Wednesday February 24, 2016

Attendees: Dawn MacAulay, Gloria Kelly, Darlene McClure, Steven Cabak, Yvonne Hein, Greg Ballendine, Gus Mardli, Matt Tijani, Lorelei Topnik, Jamie Bonner, Frank Janz, Chris Little-Gagné

1. Call to order at 5:45 p.m.

2. Round Table Introductions

3. PSAC Statement on Harassment agreed to by all

4. Adoption of agenda – Steven requested that the elections (#12) be moved up to #7 (as there are those that need to leave early). This was agreed to.
 Gloria moved
 Darlene seconded the motion
 All in favour

5. Adoption of Minutes
 February 25, 2915 AGM
 Add Gloria’s first name, add Matt Tijani as an attendee, in #10 change Greg’s last name and Tania’s name.
 Moved by Lorelei
 Seconded by Steven
 All in favour

 April 20, 2015
 Moved by Darlene
 Seconded by Lorelei
 All in favour

 May 25, 2015
 Add Chris Little-Gagne’s name as an attendee, correct Frank Janz’s name
 Moved by Frank
 Seconded by Chris
 All in favour

 June 8, 2015
 Moved by Darlene
 Seconded by Dawn
 All in favour

6. President’s Report by Gus (distributed)
– Gus wanted to add in a note about our support of the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition against the Energy East project.
– Recommendation to not do the Red River Ex this year, not enough bang for our buck, not enough volunteers (or a few volunteers doing more than their fair share), and the staff end up picking up the slack.

Gus moved that his report be accepted, Steven seconded it, all in favour.

7. Treasurer’s Report – 2015 Financial Statement and 2016 Budget
– Gloria asked about the $2,100 left in the SJF – Chris thought we were going to buy garden boxes, etc for Ndinawe – yes.

Lorelei moved that the report be accepted, Darlene seconded, all in favour.

There was discussion about the 2016 budget and it has been added to the next meeting’s agenda to finalize as we have to have it submitted before March 15, 2016 or we will not receive any funds.

Tracy suggested that we start looking for someone to audit our finances.

8. Elections
Gus turned the floor over to Tracy to run the elections.

For the position of President:
Steven nominated Gus
Gloria Seconded
There were no more nominations. Gus accepted the position.

For the position of Vice-President:
Gus nominated Greg
Lorelei seconded
There were no more nominations. Greg accepted the position.

For the position of Secretary:
Greg nominated Tracey Grove (not in attendance but Tracy Thor confirmed the text showing her interest)
Steven seconded

Darlene nominated Dawn
Yvonne seconded

Voting by secret ballet was done. Tracy is the new Secretary.
For the position of Treasurer:
Gloria nominated Lorelei
Steven seconded
There were no more nominations. Lorelei accepted the position.

There was a motion and a seconder to have the ballets destroyed, all were in favour.

Tracy Thor swore in the new executive that was in attendance.

9. PRC Report post-poned to next meeting

10. Lobby Reports

– Gus still waiting for an appointment with Candice Bergen
– Jamie has contacted 2 but nothing concrete
– Frank has been making contact and has some meetings in the works
– Chris, Lorelei, & Gloria have calls in to their people
– Darlene tried to attend a meeting in her building but her membership was outdated so she was not allowed to attend
– Yvonne (Dan Vandal) said she’d leave it up to Frank and Matt
– Gregg, Daniel Blaikie was receptive to a meeting (for an hour rather than the ½ hour that was booked), follow-up meeting planned

Gloria related her experience of presenting information to a hearing on Bill 8.

11. Political Actions
We have to be cognisant of the rules and regulations with regard to anything we do about the upcoming provincial election (i.e. $5,000 limit includes our potential mail-out). Matthew Brent (the new Jeffrey) is doing research on this.

Greg – other places are doing pancake breakfasts, why don’t we invite the MP’s to come and meet us – the activists – have coffee and donuts.

Gus mentioned having something here, but the logistics of it are difficult, i.e. after-hour access (access cards), but it’s doable if we really want to try it.

Gloria – we have political action money, right? Yes.

12. Old Business
There had been a request for a list of trained members on PSST (sorry, missed what this was). Gus sent Marianne an e-mail, she was concerned about privacy, components toes being stepped on, etc.

Gloria’s component has hired a lawyer to look after these complaints (they are extremely onerous).

Frank said he used to do them for a number of different components, but that they can take years to complete. Frank waxed eloquently on this subject.

13. The executive were sworn in.

14. Social Justice Fund

– Ndinawe has received the kitchen equipment and is using it
– Chris – we had talked about buying the blue bins and seeds?
– Gloria – the cook said the fresh food would be awesome
– Chris – the push to show the kids the growing of food and then the kids have more of a connection to fresh food
– Gloria – in the fall they can toss the dirt in the yards and pack the bins away until the spring

Gus and Gloria to follow-up.

15. Bargaining Update
– The Mint is signing
– The 4 groups with Treasury Board met in February and will be meeting again in March, nothing new to report
– Parks last met in the fall
– Statistics have had bargaining conference
– UTE – nothing new
– CAHRD has concessions on the table

16. Prairie Regional Convention will be April 21st to 23rd, 2017.

17. Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 9th as we must submit the budget before Marhc 15th.

18. Adjourned at 7:15