WFA Answers: Term Employees

Term Employees

  • It appears that departments are continuing to staff positions without process. Why hasn’t all staffing ceased and all actors returned to their substantive positions until the surplus/affected individuals are allocated positions?

The Treasury Board collective agreements states:

“1.1.27 Departments or organizations shall review the use of private temporary agency personnel, consultants, contractors, employees appointed for a specified period (terms) and all other non-indeterminate employees. Where practicable, departments or organizations shall refrain from re‑engaging such temporary agency personnel, consultants or contractors or renewing the employment of such employees referred to above where this will facilitate the appointment of surplus employees or laid-off persons.”

1.1.28 Nothing in the foregoing shall restrict the Employer’s right to engage or appoint persons to meet short-term, non-recurring requirements. Surplus and laid-off persons shall be given priority even for these short-term work opportunities.”

This is an issue that should be discussed at the national joint union-management workforce adjustment committee.  Representatives from your component sit on those committees with management from your department.  If the employer is not abiding by the collective agreement, the workforce adjustment committee must address this first, and if it cannot be resolved, a policy grievance may be filed, depending on the facts of the situation.  It is important for members on the shop floor to provide this information to their leadership, so that it can be dealt with in this way.  We recommend that you provide this information to your regional or national component leadership.

  • Term employees who are coming up to five years with CRA would get perm status. Are they going to be doing away with this during this time they are letting people go, or are they going to keep creating permanent jobs?

Some departments and agencies have suspended the Term Policy temporarily. For information about the situation within CRA, please contact the Union of Taxation Employees. 

For more information see PSAC’s Q&A on Workforce Adjustment for Term Employees page.