WFA Answers: Education Allowance

Education Allowance:

  • What is considered an educational institution? Do the courses have to work towards a degree or can they be upgrading courses (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint)? How long do I have to use the $10,000 if I do not choose the two years of LWOP with the education allowance?

The collective agreement does not limit the type of study, or the type of educational institution.  You simply have to submit receipts. Part-time or full-time study are both options.

  • For those reappointed to the public service after having received a TSM or TSM & educational allowance: what is the “original period for which the TSM or education allowance was paid?” referred to in article 6.3.7 of the WFA?

This refers to the number of weeks for which the TSM was paid. For example, if you received 52 weeks TSM and you return after 32 weeks, you will have to re-pay 20 weeks. For the education allowance, it is for the period of education. For example, if you have been reimbursed for one year’s tuition, and you quit school halfway through the year to return to the public service, you will have to re-pay that portion of the education allowance (only if you can get a reimbursement from the educational institution).

  • Are employees who can retire, and are unaffected and would like to alternate, eligible for the TSM with student leave? 

Employees who alternate with an opting employee can choose either option b (TSM) or option c (education allowance). They must resign, however. 

  • I’m an opting employee and I’m wondering if I choose the education option, can start taking education right away or do I have to be laid off?

If you choose the education allowance, you have two options: (1) resignation (can be immediate), or (2) two years leave without pay.

  • Is there a certain period you have to use that educational allowance?

The collective agreement does not limit the time frame.

  • If you select option C under 6.3, do you get both the payout in Annex B + 11,000 for education amount?


For more information, see PSAC’s No Guarantee of a reasonable job offer – opting employees page.