WFA Answers: Departure Date


Departure Date

  • If management can choose the departure date for an opting employee choosing options b or c, what’s to stop management from making your departure date immediate?

Management can choose the departure date, but they must do this in accordance with the other provisions in the collective agreement.  If an employee chooses Option (c)(ii), the collective agreement allows them, to “delay their departure date and go on leave without pay for a maximum period of two (2) years while attending the learning institution.”

  • Is there any recourse for me should the agency decide to set my separation date a few days short of my yearly service anniversary should my volunteering for departure be accepted?

If you are a Parks Canada employee, consult your union representative. The union has filed a policy grievance against the employer’s volunteer process, as it did not comply with the collective agreement. 

Employers in others departments and agencies are seeking “volunteers” to leave ahead of workforce adjustments. The PSAC supports the process of volunteering, but says that it needs to be carried out through the process outlined in the collective agreement.

Consult your component representative to discuss your specific situation.

  • How much flexibility do managers have for end dates?

Managers have flexibility to determine departure dates, in accordance with when the work will cease and with their human resource plans, etc. However, they must act reasonable and must not violate the provisions of the collective agreement in doing so.