Westman Area Council Representative, Glen Johnston (February 2020)

Glen Johnston
Westman Area Council Rep 
Prairie Region Council February 2020

This report covers my activities as the Westman Area Council Representative to the Prairie Region Council from November 2019 to Feb 2020.

The highlight of this period was the Brandon & District United Way Christmas Tree Auction held in late November of 2019. Once again the WMAC was front and center at the auction, with WMAC members, family and retired members gathered together to show our continued support for families in need in the Westman area. This year thirteen families were the recipients of Christmas trees and presents and the auction raised just over $34,000 for the area.

The WMAC held its fourth meeting of the year in December 2019. Two resolutions were discussed and adopted by the Council. These resolutions will be forwarded to the PSAC Regional Office for consideration at the Prairie Region Triennial Convention in June 2020. Brother Michael Weisgerber was acclaimed to the position of Westman Area Council Rep to PRC. He will assume the position at the conclusion of the regional convention. Minutes for this meeting can be found on the PSAC Prairie Region website.

Along with the Council meeting I also participated in the following: PRC Conference call on the 30th of Jan 2020.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Johnston, WMAC Rep to the PRC