Westman Area Council Minutes (October 2014)

Brandon District Labour Council Office          08 Oct 14 5:00PM

Meeting called by: Jennifer Grant                 Type of meeting: General Meeting

Note taker: Glen Johnston

Attendees: Jennifer Grant, Jeff Sexton,Trudy Taylor, Randy Walker,Mike Weisgerber, Glen Johnston

The meeting was called to order at 5:20PM by the President, Jennifer Grant


Susan Norman

Readingof Previous Minutes

            The minutes of the last meeting were unavailable.


  • Brandonand District labour Council Notification

  • United Way Xmas Tree Auction

President’s Report

            No President’s Report as the President is new to the position and the outgoing President had not advised this was a standing item for the meetings.

Treasurer’s Report

            The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $2,250.20.

New Business

Westman Area Council Resolutions to PSAC National Triennial Convention

  1. PRC Audited Statement: Amended/Concurrence

  2.  Election of Second Alternate REVP: Concurrence

  3. Family Care Allowance – Restrictions: Non-Concurrence

  4. Child Care in Canada: Concurrence

  5. National Aboriginal Day as Statutory Holiday: Non-Concurrence

  6. Changes to Workplace Survey: Non-Concurrence

  7. Protective Reassignment: Concurrence

  8. Domestic Violence Awareness Education: Concurrence

  9. Expansion of We are All Affected Campaign: Non-Concurrence

  10. Constitutional Amendment: Concurrence

  11. Components Area Councils and Regional Committees: Concurrence

  12. Resolution Gen 28 from Convention: Non-Concurrence

Elections for delegate and Alternate to PSAC National Convention

  • The President advised that Susan Norman had submitted an email asking that her name be allowed to stand for these elections.


  • Jennifer Grant was nominated by Mike Weisgerber, seconded by Randy Walker

  • As there were no other nominations Jennifer allowed her name to stand and was acclaimed as the Delegate.

1st Alternate

  • Susan Norman was nominated by Jennifer Grant, seconded by Jeff Sexton

  • As there were no other nominations Susan was acclaimed as the 1st Delegate.

 2nd Alternate

  • Glen Johnston was nominated by Randy Walker, seconded by Jeff Sexton

  • Jeff Sexton was nominated by Jennifer Grant, seconded by Mike Weisgerber

  • Glen did not allow his name to stand

  • As there were no other nominations Jeff allowed his name to stand and was acclaimed as the Delegate.

 Banking and Bank Statements

  • The President advised the Council that the Bank statements are now to be mailed directly to the Regional Office and a copy would be sent back to the Council. This was a decision made at the PRC and had no reflection on the Council as a whole.


  • The President asked that all present canvas their Locals for members that may be interested in training

  • A suggestion was made that the Talking Union Basics and Grievance Handling Courses be looked at first

  • Council members should promote education in their workplaces, i.e. Lunch and Learns

  • Cliff 2014: Festival-in-a-Box 2014 was discussed and a letter of what is offered was passed around and entered in the minutes. Cliff is a series of Labour films that are available to be viewed at your own location. Requests are to be made to http://labourfilms.ca/?page_id=2760

 United Way Christmas Tree Auction

  • The President advised that we had received the invite/application from the Brandon and District Branch of the United Way

  • A discussion was had as to the viability of supporting the Auction as we have in the past and Council was unanimous in its support

  • A motion was made: moved by Mike Weisgerber and seconded by Jeff Sexton: to spend $1500.00, which includes the registration fee of $125.00 and a meal for participants, on the Auction. The motion was carried.

  • A second motion was made; moved by Mike Weisgerber and seconded by Jeff Sexton; to donate any monies, including donations from outside agencies, left after expenses to the United Way Christmas Tree Auction. The motion was carried.

 Update from Prairie Region Council

  • The Westman Area Council Rep to the PRC, Glen Johnston, provided a brief report to the Council on the Sept meeting of the PRC.

  • Glen advised that there was not a lot to report on as this was the first meeting after the Prairie Region Convention and that Jennifer had already discussed the way ahead with the bank statements

  • Discussions were held on the PRC Committees, of which Jennifer had joined the Education Committee and Glen had joined and was elected Chair of the By-laws Committee

  • A discussion was also held on forming a Structure Committee to look at the membership of the PRC and possible downsizing.

 Points from the Floor

  • No points

 Date of Next Meeting

  • The President set the date for the 18th of November 2014. Location and time to follow as a member from the Brandon University had asked about holding the meeting at the University.


  • A motion to adjourn was made at 8.10 PM.