Westman Area Council Minutes (June 2013)

Westman Area Council 26 Jun 2013 5:00 PM Double Decker Restaurant
Meeting called by: Glen Johnston
Attendees: Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Roy Clark, Susan Norman, Jeff Sexton and Randy Walker
Regrets: nil
The meeting was called to order at 5:10 PM by Glen Johnson

PSAC Harassment Statement Randy Walker read the PSAC harassment statement.

lntroductions went around the table. Glen introduced the council and its functions to all and welcomed everyone. He then read through the agenda and asked which point(s) raised the interest of the attendees.

Previous Minutes: There were not enough copies of the previous minutes for everyone and a copy was passed around. The previous minutes would be voted on later in the meeting.
Correspondence: None to be discussed at this time as they would be brought up later in the agenda.

Discussion Points:

Sick Leave – There have been a number of e-mails received regarding this issue, although there was very little concrete information regarding the details. lt appears that the proposal is that members in the future receive seven days leave to replace the current family related leave, personal day, volunteer day and sick leave. There may be a buy out of the current accumulated sick leave and/or no future accumulation of sick leave credit. At this time most of the information is either speculation or rumour; however, the Federal Government has been promoting this issue in the Media with out any concrete details.

Connecting with Members – The PRC has discussed this at a previous meeting. The Government has considered stopping the automatic payroll deduction as well as making union membership optional. This can become a burden for small locals or locals that are spread out geographically to collect these dues from the members. The appearance of this is that the Government is actively anti-union. Those present discussed what the union means to members individually and collectively. That would the workplace look like without a union presence was considered. Pledge cards should be forth coming as some locals/members have already received them. They are to be used to show that the membership supports the locals and what the union are doing for its members.

Bill C-377 – Reporting Requirements for Unions This Bill has been sent back for amendments. The Bill disregards privacy and other important issues. Private members Bills are supposed to be cost neutral: however, this Bill is expected to cost CRA millions to administer and monitor.

Performance Reviews – The Government has made a public display informing Canadians that public servants are not receiving these reviews and that the Government is going to enforce this job requirement. Management will be required to be trained to complete these reviews. lmplementation is scheduled for 01 Apr 2014.

Pay in Arrears – There have been very few details from management regarding this issue. It was to be implemented previously and was then delayed. Speculation is 4% per pay or 1126 per pay will be deducted until employees are two weeks in arrears for pay. The lndustry standard is onê week in arrears. There are no details on how far in arrears the Government wants. Concerns were raised that if we become two weeks in arrears what is to stop the Government in the future moving to four weeks in arrears. Although public statements to the media have mentioned saving-s, there would not be any true savings as the payments would be simply deferred and not saved.

Collective Bargaining – The TC group and CRA are currently in bargaining. Parks Canada has just complãted this process. The bargaining group for TC is not talking to Treasury Board at this time. CifA and TB are talking and are reporting that the process is going slowly.

End of Summer BBQ – This item came out due to the success of one held last year by UNDE. The Executive have discussed this and wish to present the idea to the members’ There will be a cost associated with this. lt was suggested that this be combined with a political or communication action of some sort by the Regional Office. The Regional Office requires a plan in place and submitted to them. Susan made a motion to check into this which Jeff seconded. lt was discussed that the Regional Office would consider funding of this after a review of the plan. The group considered inviting Cory from the Federation of Labour and Robyn tle RVP We will ne”d-to d’iscuss union issueJat this event. lt was decided to hold the event at Dinsdale Park and make it a Family event. We should l-rave pledge cards available. The motion was voted on and carried. The date would need to be confirmed later and we will need a planning meeting to complete the details.

Previous Minutes: The mtnutes from the previous meeting were accepted once they had been read.
Points from Around the Table: Nil
Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made at 6:35 PM. The motion was carried