Westman Area Council Meeting (Nov 2014)

18 Nov 2014
5:00 PM
Brandon University
Type of meeting: General Meeting

Note taker: Glen Johnston

Attendees: Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Jeff Sexton, Susan Norman

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Jennifer Grant.

The Harassment Statement was read.


Mike Weisgerber, Randy Walker, Trudy Taylor, Roque Lacroix

Previous Minutes

  • The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and no errors or omissions were noted.


  • A letter was received from the Brandon District Labour Council Office in regards to the Domestic Violence Awareness month.

  • The chair asked if there was any business arising from the Correspondence.  Nil.

President’s Report

  • The President reported that she now has the email list that was compiled at the PR Convention and that she would update the WMAC’s contact list with same.

  • The Winnipeg RO was approached and a list of contacts for the WMAC region was requested. Update at the next WMAC Meeting.

  • The President participated in a PRC Conference call with PR Geographic and Area Council Reps.

  • A request was made to all attendees to share minutes if they have them as a shortfall on the PR website was noted.  

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer reported that we currently had $2048.00 in our account.

  • The bank statements had been going to the Winnipeg RO but as of this meeting no copies had been received back to the Council from the RO. An update on this will be given at the next meeting.

PRC Update

  • Glen advised that there is not much to report from the PRC. He would be attending a meeting on the 24th of Nov to follow up on the Prairie’s Summit meeting. The next PRC meeting is scheduled for the end of Feb in 2015.

New Business

  • The Westman United Way Christmas Tree Auction was discussed and plans made on the way forward in this event. Our registration has been accepted so we are good to go for the event. The family we are sponsoring consists of two adults and four kids ranging from 4 months to 16 years old. The Council received a donation of $500.00 from UNDE Local 50704. Susan volunteered to purchase decorations with “big” hooks. Jennifer and Susan volunteered to purchase gifts.

  • A challenge to other Locals in the area was made to either donate money or gifts to this event.

  • The Council discussed setting up a conference call for the next meeting with the Winnipeg RO to provide the coordinates for the call if it proves feasible.

  • Martin asked about assistance for members travelling longer distances to attend the meetings. Susan advised that in the past the Council has provided assistance in the form of $50.00 for members travelling to a meeting that lived more than 75 Km’s away from the meetings location. Carpooling was to be encouraged.

Points from Around the Table

  • There were none.


  • Jeff made a motion to adjourn; unfortunately the time was not noted.