Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 5, 2020)

PSAC Westman Area Council
5 October 2020
Skype and Teleconference

Attendees: Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Glen Johnston, Jennifer Grant, Dawn MacLennan, Tracy Thor (PSAC staff rep).

  1. Call to Order:   
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:10pm.   Apologies from Br Kaminski as he had to step down as President for personal reasons.  Best wishes and thoughts from the WMAC to him and his family.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr Thor appointed for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented with inclusion of standing reports (Treasurer, PRC)Carried.
  4. Previous Minutes
    Presented (March 4, 2020 AGM)  and approved. M – Sr Grant, S – Br Johnston. Carried

    Treasurer’s Report:
     Sr Grant reported the current balance is $1282.98. 
     No change to finances (expenditures or allocations) due to current pandemic restrictions and delays.
     Presented by Sr Grant as Treasurer.
     S – Sr MacLennan. CarriedPRC Update:
     Br Johnston presented the latest notifications. 
     The PRC has not met since March 2020. 
     There is a meeting possibly scheduled for next month (Nov) but no details were available currently. 
     The PRC Finance Committee has had teleconference discussions but has not reviewed finance packages, nor is a date scheduled for this to occur.  Costs and business plans for events that Councils and Committees are planning to conduct are to be submitted individually to the REVP’s office.   Agenda Items:
  5. Update on Conventions

    From PSAC website ;
    “In keeping with public health directives around COVID-19 and because of the unknown duration of the global pandemic, PSAC has suspended all activities that would require a large gathering of our membership over the next year. Efforts will be made to reschedule in 2021. Information will be shared with members once available.”National Equity Conferences
        PSAC National Equity Conferences scheduled to take place October 30 to November 2, 2020 in Montreal will be postponed.National Women’s Conference
        PSAC National Women’s Conference scheduled to take place April 3 to 5, 2020 in Ottawa will be postponed.
    National, Regional and Component Conventions
        PSAC’s National Board of Directors adopted a motion to postpone the 2021 PSAC National Triennial Convention until 2022; and all PSAC Regional Conventions and PSAC Component Conventions until 2021. New dates for all national and regional conventions will be     determined shortly and shared with our members.”
  • It is currently anticipated that most or all conventions will be held virtually in 2021.More information to follow.

6. Collective Bargaining.
PA, TC, and SV Ratification votes have been completed.
Parks Ratification votes ongoing.
CFIA Ratification votes ongoing.
Border Svcs talks are ongoing.

7. Ratification Process.
Several TB members from the PA, TC, and SV bargaining groups found that generally the ratification process was easy to navigate and complete.When issues were identified to the Wpg Regional office they were dealt with in a fast and courteous manner.

8. WMAC Operating in the COVID Atmosphere.
Update on Westman United Way Christmas Tree Auction.The event is still going ahead, it will be held virtually.More details expected for presentation at the next meeting.
The Women’s Resource Centre is in need to donations as their entire fundraising year has been very difficult due to pandemic restrictions and need is increasing.
A motion was presented to request permission from the REVP office to donate up to $500 of Council funds to the Women’s Resource Centre.The donation to include half purchased items from the WRC request list and half a monetary donation.M – Sr Grant, S – Sr MacLennan, Carried

9. Priorities for WMAC for the next year.
Some discussion but it was Motioned to table this agenda item for the next meeting to consider possible tangible goals to present. M – Br Johnston, S- Sr Grant, Carried

10. Points from the Floor
Br Johnston brought forward some information from attending the recentBrandon District Labour Council meeting.There is concern among BDLC Locals around the use of sick leave for isolation due to Covid 19.Provincial and other Locals are having difficulties with workplace accomodations as Doctor’s notes and recommendations are being arbitrarily challenged.The BDLC is purchasing a Zoom license that affiliated Locals will be able to use for Local meetings.
Sr Thor reminded the Council that we are required to hold 2 more meetings this year to maintain active status, as well next meeting we will need to hold 2 elections (WMAC President and Secretary)

Next meeting set for October 29, 5 pm, Virtual meeting coordinates to come out in meeting poster to be sent to all Westman area members.Following meeting tentative for Nov. 26, 5 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.