Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 29, 2020)

PSAC Westman Area Council
29 October 2020
Zoom and Teleconference

Attendees: Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Glen Johnston, Jennifer Grant, Chad Lelond,  _______   , Marianne Hladun (REVP Prairies), Tracy Thor (PSAC staff rep).

  1. Call to Order:   
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:17pm.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr Thor appointed for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented.  M- Br Johnston, Sr – GrantCarried,
  4. Previous Minutes 
    Presented (Oct 5, 2020) and approved. M – Sr Grant, S – Br Johnston. Carried.President’s Report:
    Br Weisgerber presented no real updates from the last meeting on Oct 5, 2020, three weeks previous.    Treasurer’s Report:
     Sr Grant reported the current balance is $1282.98. 
     No change to finances (expenditures or allocations) due to current pandemic restrictions and delays.
     Presented by Sr Grant as Treasurer.
     S – Br Johnston. CarriedPRC Update:
    Br Johnston presented the latest notifications. 
    The PRC has not met since March 2020. 
    There is a meeting upcoming for late November which will be virtual.   
    Update from REVP office that funding for wreaths for Remembrance Day is approved for this year as long as requests are submitted REVPs office before committing.
  5. Agenda Items:

    Elections. Sr Hladun assumed the chair to conduct the elections

President – term until March 2021
 1. Nomination – Michael Weisgerber, N- Br Johnston, S- Sr Grant
 2. Nil
 3. Nil
 Br Weisgerber – acclaimed.

Secretary – term until March 2022
 1. Nil
 2. Nil
 3. Nil
 Position remains vacant.

 6. Update – The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) and United Way Christmas Tree Auction
 A) REVP has approved WMAC request to donate funds and goods to The WRC from motion last meeting.
 B) No current update on United Way Christmas Tree Auction expected info any day with ongoing changes to Provincial Health Directions.

7. Priorities for WMAC

  Motion to donate to Remembrance Day wreath funds for local identified Legions up to $400.
M – Br Johnston, S – Br Lelond

  Br Weisgerber suggested the creation of “5 minute Union Talk Sheets” to assist Locals and Stewards to spread information and short education bulletins.Br Lelond suggested Labour Day could be a good first topic to cover.All present were in agreement.
  Br Johnston suggested inquiring on upcoming community events such as Christmas Parade.WMAC members to inquire and notify of any events they become aware of.

8. Points from the Floor
  Sr Hladun notified the council that information and education on a CLC Lobby campaign will be coming out next week.Education and information will be presented virtually with speaking sheets.Members will be requested to book appointments with their MP’s to speak on the topic.Sr Hladun requested members ensure to sign up when they receive the email.

Next meeting set for November 26, 5 pm, Virtual meeting coordinates to come out in meeting poster to be sent to all Westman area members. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.