Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 20, 2022)

PSAC Westman Area Council
20 Oct 2022
Zoom and Teleconference

Attendees:  Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Tracy Thor, Dawn MacLennan, Glen Johnston, Jen Chelkowski, Erin Beverly, Sonia Furkalo, Jennifer Grant, Gelina Alton, Alicia Zurba, 

Guest:  Sherry Hunt

Regerts: Shayne Yashysan

  1. Call to order
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:04 pm.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr. Tracy Thor for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented. M- Br. Johnston, S – Sr. Beverly

Previous Minutes
Presented (12 July, 2022) and approved.  M – Sr. Grant, S –Sr. Chelkowski

President’s Report:
Br Weisgerber presented not a whole lot happen.  Did participate at the District Labour Council Labour Day.  Handed out tickets for the appreciate dinner at Huston from District Labour Council.

Treasurer’s Report:
Sr Grant reported the current balance is $ 2859.04.  Received our allocation from the regional office.  Made a donation to Pride and Labour Day BBQ and purchase of tickets for the appreciation dinner.
M – Sr Grant S – Br. Johnston.  Carried

Agenda Items:

4. Bargaining Update:
Sr. Hunt presented we started negotiations in early 2021 with little to no movement from the employer.  Impasse was declared early summer.  In late September and early October we attended mediation with still little movement from the employer.  PIC hearing is scheduled for the end of November.  The employer is asking for concessions between remote working and working the office.  The employer is trying to create a two tier collective agreement.  The employer is trying to introduce a provision for changing the IS group into shift workers.  The employees and unions are going to have to start getting organized and getting the employees on board for a strike.  The employers believes we not be striking. 

Br. Johnston asked the questions if the union has been looking into the fears about Phoenix if we go out on strike.  Sr. Thor answered the question that PSAC has been looking into this fear as PSAC acknowledges this as a fear for employees.  Sr. Thor mentioned that if a strike does happen most likely it will become a recovery situation. Sr. Thor believes that a recovery would be less of an impact on employees as we have negotiated terms for pay back on recoveries.  If a strike does happen it would be in the best interest of the employee if they contacted the pay center as soon as the return to work.

Br. Weisgerber mentioned that it would be a good idea for the locals to sign up for the strike training that PSAC is offering.  Check the PSAC website for a listing of the courses.

5. Women’s Committee Info:
Sr. Hunt presented on what it would take to get a Women’s Committee started up again within Westman Area Council.  The Women’s Committee is a great training ground on women’s issues around child care, violence against women, and wage gaps.  To get a committee to stand up we need to call and post an AGM 30 days in advance and elect the executives and get a budget proposal together to present to Regional Office. 

Br. Weisgerber mentioned that in the absent of the Women’s Committee Westman Area Council has been stepping in the committee absent and all of the information that ti required to get the committee going to talk to him.

6. Upcoming Activates:
Sr. Grant spoke on the upcoming United Way Christmas Tree Auction.

7. Points from the Floor:
Discussion on the United Way Christmas Tree Auction and some preliminary planning.

8. Next meeting
Nov 17, 2022 to discuss Christmas Tree Auction planning. Possibly hybrid.

9. Meeting adjourned: at 6:20 pm.