Westman Area Council – Meeting Minutes – Oct. 17, 2018

Westman Area Council

17 Oct 2018 – 5 PM

Double Decker Tavern

Attendees:  Jeff Sexton (Chair), Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman

Regrets:      Mike Weisgerber


Call to Order:

Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:15pm. Sr Grant made motion to approve meal for members present. S – Tepleski. Carried

PSAC Harassment Coordinator:

Br Tepleski appointed for the meeting.

Previous Minutes:

Presented and approved. M – Sr Grant, S – Br Kaminski. Carried

Treasurer’s Report:

Br Johnston reported bank balance of $4128 as of 30 Sept 2018 less outstanding expenses for a total of $3503. Statement attached.

Motion to approve by Br Johnston, S – Br Kaminski. Carried

Br Sexton reported a loss of issued cheque #15 from July meeting for ink cartridge.                                            Motion to reissue cheque to Br Sexton by Br Johnston, S – Sr Grant. Carried.


Agenda accepted as presented. M – Br Sexton, S – Br Kaminski.

Agenda Items:

  • United Way Christmas Tree Auction – Nov 23rd at 5:30pm at the Victoria Inn. Family info received yesterday and Br Sexton will forward full email to all meeting attendees. Brief note, family is mom and dad with girls aged 11, 10, and 6 months. Sr Norman has agreed to shop for the family.

    Br Sexton will confirm if there is an entrance fee again this year. Last year was $15 per person/light supper included. Motion presented that attendees of the WMAC (limited to 10 or $150) will have entrance fee covered as was done last year.

    M – Sr Grant, S – Br Sexton. Carried

    Sr Norman will approach the BDLC for a donation.

    Br Johnston will request the $500 for the Phoenix Town Hall to be reallocated.

    Br Johnston will also approach UNDE for donation.

  • Br Sexton has looked into the use of the UFCW Meeting Room space for upcoming meetings. Cost is $30 + taxes to cover clean up afterwards. Room holds 15 people (Dauphin Rm). No charge if held on a night that training is scheduled.

    Sr Norman informed that the BDLC space is still available. Although the Advocate position is no longer in Brandon, the BDLC is still operational and office is still open for use.


  • Bargaining updates provided by Br Sexton

                    FB – Conference began Oct 15

                    CFIA – Conference began Oct 15 as well

                    TB – resume Oct 10 and 11 for PA, SV, TC and EB

                    Parks – Conference held end of Sept

                    Canada Post – possible strike MONDAY


  • PRC Update – upcoming meeting in early Nov.

    Dues update for clawback, it will be the difference owed, not the total and not more than what you would pay in a month. It will be collected thru Phoenix so also reflected on T4’s. Approx $300

    Looking for members to lobby MP’s  – 2 hrs and need approval from RO for LWOP.

    Here for Canada Campaign.

    Rally scheduled for PRC mtg at Broadway and Main. 12:15-12:45

    H&S conference discussed.


Points from the floor:

  • Phoenix update

  • MB Stewards Forum Nov 2 & 3

  • MFL Women’s Memorial Lunch Dec 6

  • KAIROS (Connecting with Indigenous Members Workshop) Dec 8

  • Dental Plan improvements

  • H&S Conference Nov 15-18

  • FB Shoelaces grievance won

  • Service Canada won against nametag requirement

  • APSAR update

  • CFIA Bargaining Conference addition – 5 of 9 delegates elected are meat inspectors. Hopefully some outstanding issues will be addressed.

  • Br Johnston presented a receipt for $35.35 for an ink cartridge. Motion to pay Br Johnston by Br Sexton, S – Br Kaminski. Carried

  • Ag Union donation referenced for Ag members.


                Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 6:36 p.m.