Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (November 17, 2022)

Westman Area Council –17 Nov 2022
PSAC Westman Area Council
17 Nov 2022
Zoom and Teleconference

Attendees:  Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Tracy Thor, Dawn MacLennan, Glen Johnston, Shayne Yashysan, Chad Lelond, Bob Reside

  1. Call to order
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr. Tracy Thor for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented. M- Br. Johnston, S – Sr. Grant

    Previous Minutes
    Presented (20 Oct, 2022) and approved.  M – Br. Lelond, S –Sr. MacLennan

    President’s Report:
    Br Weisgerber presented not a whole lot happen.  There is a PRC meeting coming up on 3-4 December that I will be attending.  There has been ongoing training and available information sessions out of the regional office for bargaining and strike preparation.

    Treasurer’s Report:
    Sr Grant reported the current balance is $ 2584.04.  All cheques have cleared including the $125 Registration Fee for the United Way Christmas Tree Auction.
    M – Sr Grant S – Br. Johnston.  Carried

    Agenda Items:
  4. Bargaining Update:
    Br. Weisgerber mentioned there is not much for a bargaining update as we are still waiting for the PIC report to come in.  The first day of the PIC is Nov 28, which coincides with the National Day of Action.  There is strike training for the Westman area on 1 December.  Sr. Thor mentioned the strike training is going to be opened up to everyone and not just the local executive. 
  5. Upcoming Activates:
    Sr. Grant spoke on the upcoming United Way Christmas Tree Auction.  The family that we are buying gifts for is a single mom with 3 children and 1 dog and 1 cat.  We had budgeted $775 for the purchase of gifts and decorations.  The tree decorating is taking place on 30 Nov at 5:30 at the Victoria Inn.
    M – Sr. Grant we purchase 6-7 ticket for the tree decoration from the donation from UNDE and the rest of the money will be used for the tree auction.  Ticket prices are $15 each.  S – Br. Johnston.  Carried

    Sr. Grant mentioned Westman Area Council has a VIP spot on 1 Dec for the Christmas Tree auction.  Br. Weisgerber is going to attend the Christmas Tree Auction. 

    Sr. Thor spoke on the strike training on 1 Dec.  The training will take place at the Victoria Inn form 9-4:30.  The loss of salary will be covered by PSAC. 
  6. Points from the Floor:
    Sr. Grant mentioned the first Women’s Committee meeting is hopefully going to be held on 10 Jan 2023.  Sr. Grant and Sr. MacLennan are working on finding a place to hold the meeting.
  7. Next meeting
  8. Meeting adjourned: at 6:37pm.