Westman Area Council; Meeting Minutes – Nov 9 2016

Westman Area Council

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Mike Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, Susan Norman – APSAR, Tracy Thor – PSAC RO

Westman Area Council

09 Nov 2016 – 5 PM

Amended minutes for the November 9th meeting

BDLC Office

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Mike Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, Susan Norman – APSAR, Tracy Thor – PSAC RO

Call to Order:

Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:06 pm

PSAC Statement of Harassment:

Sr Norman appointed as harassment coordinator for the meeting

Previous Minutes:

Moved – Sr Grant, Sec – Br Sexton. Carried


No additions, adopted as presented

Treasurer’s Report:

Br Johnston reported a current balance of $2642.33.

Agenda Items:

  • United Way Christmas Tree Auction – Dec 2nd, 5:30 pm @ Houstons. Single parent with two girls aged 16 and 9 and one boy aged 14. Three WMAC members available to attend as well as a couple of retired members from the Shilo area. Br Johnston advised that UNDE would be donating $500 to the event and to cover volunteer suppers. Br Sexton would approach Sr Hladun for $750 from the PSAC Social Justice Fund. Sr Norman will shop for the gifts and decorations and will also approach the BDLC for a donation. REVP Hladun has sent her regrets for the event. Motion presented to spend no more than $2125 of the WMAC funds toward the event, inclusive of gifts, entry fee, decorations and purchase of tree(s). Any additional donated funds will also be utilized at the event.

(M – Sr Grant / S – Br Kaminski / Carried)

  • Bargaining updates

1. CRA – signed 4 yr contract (Nov 2012-Nov 2016) with economic increases, severance maintained and lump sum payout. Contract will be reopened within one yr to discuss wages

2. TB – extension to the various groups negotiations

3. Br Weisgerber advised that DND is developing an Employee Wellness Program

  • PRC update from Br Johnston who is Chair of the Bylaws Committee. Most recent meeting discussed resolutions for the upcoming PSAC Regional Convention. Ten resolutions – four of which from Bylaws. Couple of note: PRC members to be paid which was defeated, increase the allocation for education and develop a pilot project for weekday training (submitted to the Education Committee to review) and resolution for PRC members to participate in two Conference Calls per year as well as two scheduled meetings.

Br Weisgerber (NW MB Geo Rep) also added PRC to amend committee in good standing to include financials, and higher subsidies for Northern Manitoba locals to attend convention has been proposed and passed.

  • Resolutions for PSAC Prairie Region Triannual Convention due by Dec 8th.

Sr Thor took over as Chair of the meeting.

  • Sr Thor conducted the WMAC VP election.

Br Johnston nominated Br Kaminski (S – Br Weisgerber).

Sr Grant nominated Br Weisgerber (S – Br Kaminski).

No other nominations. Br Weisgerber declined the position, Br Kaminski accepted.

  • Sr Thor conducted the election for PRC Area Council Representative.

Br Johnston nominated by Br Kaminski (S –  Br Weisgerber).

Called 2nd and 3rd with no other nominations. Br Johnston acclaimed.

Elections conducted for 1st and 2nd Alternate.

Br Sexton elected 1st Alternate (Br Weisgerber / S – Br Kaminski).

Sr Grant elected 2nd Alternate (Br Sexton / S – Br Weisgerber).

  • Sr Thor conducted PSAC Prairie Regional Triannual Convention Delegate selection

Br Kaminski elected (Sr Grant / S – Br Sexton)

Sr Grant elected as 1st Alternate (Br Kaminski / S – Br Weisgerber)

Br Sexton elected as 2nd Alternate (Br Johnston / S – Br Kaminski)

Br Sexton resumed Chair upon completion of elections.

Points from the floor:

  • Sr Norman handed out APSAR membership forms
  • Social Event at the Human Rights Museum – Prairie Voice Awards Saturday night of Convention.
  • Discussed the short notice of events from the RO
  • Phoenix – missed deadline to have it fixed, advise members not to sign anything and contact a union rep
  • Pay Equity Law by 2018
  • PSAC Calendar Nov 18, Sr Thor will bring out
  • Nov 23rd, Wpg Town Hall meeting regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership. 7-9 pm at University of Winnipeg.
  • Br Johnston addressed the conflicting bylaws regarding National Convention delegate selections and AGM timeframes.

Oath of Office:

Sr Thor completed the Oath of Office with Br Kaminski for new role as Vice President, WMAC.


Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Dec 6th. Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 7:06 pm