Westman Area Council; Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2018

Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2018 at  5:00 p.m.

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski

Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2018 at  5:00 p.m.

Double Decker Tavern

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski

Regrets: Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor

Call to Order:    

Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:25pm

Br Sexton made motion to approve meal for members present. S – Weisgerber.  Carried

PSAC Harassment Coordinator:

Sr Grant appointed for the meeting.

Previous Minutes:          

Presented and approved. M – Sr Grant, S – Br Kaminski.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report:

Br Johnston reported allotment from RO received of $4100. Bank balance of $4464.00 on 09 July 2018. Bank card received as well, withdraw feature disabled and to be used to view account online only. Breakdown of allotment in attached memo.

Motion to approve report by Br Johnston, S – Weisgerber. Carried


Agenda accepted as presented. M – Br Sexton, S – Johnston

Agenda Items:

  • Bargaining update provided by Br Sexton
  1. FB – signed July 3rd
  2. TB – all grps currently in Bargaining (PA, TC, EB, SV)
  3. Parks – ratified new agreement, expires this week
  4. CFIA – expires end of the year
  5. CRA – upcoming mtgs in Sept, Oct, and Dec. Wage increase memo attached
  • PRC update provided by Br Johnston
    • Conference call
    • Regina decided for Convention site
    • Change in numbers for Delegate entitlement (Components) for National Convention
    • Multiple hotels and transportation to still be updated. Delta Hotel selected
    • Convention will be June 12-14
    • National Convention passed resolution to chg requirement of AC delegates to be elected at AGM
    • Phoenix lobbying is a priority right now, get members to speak with MP’s
  • Labour Day
    • Notation of budget line items that Labour Day event funding has not been included. Submission will be sent to RO and volunteers will attend BDLC event.

Points from the floor:

  • Tracy attempted TUB course in April without enough participants. Will attempt again in the fall.
  • Phoenix updates – financial loss from Phoenix covered in claims process.
  • Pride in the Park – Br Weisgerber attended
  • Webinar w/ PSAC Nat President Chris Aylward
  • Phoenix campaign
  • Petition for Pineland Forest Nursery
  • Unionism on Turtle Island – Nov 28 – Dec 2
  • Unions Work for Women – Sept 22-26
  • CAS can do it campaign
  • Financial chg’s from Convention – issues w/ dues from previous Convention. Updates to follow
  • Receipt for ink cartridge $29.72 presented by Br Sexton. Motion to pay by Br Johnston, S – Kaminski.  Carried
  • Br Johnston received an email from Prairies REVP Hladun re: Ag Union Constitution Reg 13 stating $100 to be contributed to any Area Council that has one or more participants.
  • $500 donation for Women’s Resource Centre to be supplied to Br Weisgerber to make on behalf of WMAC.
  • Breakdown has been provided to RO for the United Way Christmas Tree Auction expenses.

Adjournment: Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 6:35pm.