Westman Area Council – Meeting Minutes – Dec. 12, 2018

Westman Area Council Mtg. (Dec. 12/2018)

Brandon District Labour Council Boardroom

Attendees: Jeff Sexton, Martin Kaminski, Michael Weisberger, Susan Norman, (Telephone) Glen Johnson

Regrets: Jennifer Grant

  • Br. Sexton called mtg. to order at 5:10pm.


  • Br. Weisberger is Anti Harassment Coordinator.


  • Agenda moved by Br. Sexton, 2nd by Br. Weisberger, Carried.


  • Review of minutes from Oct. 17th. Motion to approve Br. Kaminski, 2nd Brother Johnson, Carried.


  • Treasurer’s Report (Br. Johnson)

  • 3 Chq.’s written #26 – Admission Tickets for Tree Auction – $150.

  • #25 – Tree – $2100.

  • #27 – Snacks – $16.18.

  • Brandon Labour Council ($250.). Chq. To be deposited.

  • Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Br. Johnson, 2nd by Br. Weisberger, Carried.


  • Discussion took place about Tree Auction. Bids were down. Auction conducted by Frasier Auction. This was the Tree Auctions 23rd year. It has helped 250 families. Raised more than $21,500 compared to $35,000 last year. Carol Grant will take comments/suggestions for ideas.




    -Reviewed proposals. Elected Bargaining Team in Oct.

    Border Services

    -Begin bargaining in Jan.


    -PSAC filed complaint against Parks for not meeting the 150 day deadline. New Bargaining Team elected. No confirmed bargaining dates yet.

    Treasury Board

    -Wage proposals .75/year for 4 years. No retro. 2 year wage freeze.


    -Just put in proposals (last Monday). Wage adjustment of 9% followed by 4 year. 1.4% (2016), 1.6% (2017), 3.75% (2018), 3.75% (2019)


    Political Action Training (Winnipeg)

  • Attended by Mike, Jeff, Glen, and Martin. Did exercises on Lobbying Politicians.

  • Received feedback from 3 Parlimentarians. (MLA, City Councillor, Ex. Mininster)

  • Expected in our budget in the new year (Area Council) for lobbying. Waiting for direction from PSAC.

  • Discussions on ideas on how to get people involved.

Points from Floor

  • Winnipeg Area Council holding Seasonal event Dec. 19th. at PSAC Regional office in Winnipeg.

  • PSAC successful in reversing a bunch of stuff the Harper Gov. had pushed through.

  • Financial Package for new year. AGM before deadline, once we know deadline.

  • Next Prairie Region Council mtg. in Winnipeg (May 25th.)

  • Discussion about minutes. Draft minutes to go to Mary Ann, Tracy, and Liona. To be posted by deadline.


Mtg. adjourned 6:07pm.