Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (August 2014)

27 Aug 2014
5:00 PM
Brandon Labour Council
Meeting called by: Jennifer Grant

Type of meeting: General Meeting

Note taker: Roy R Clark
Attendees: Susan Norman, Roy Clark, Martin Kominski, Trudi Taylor, Jennifer Grant, Jeffery Griffith, Barb Christianson and Roque Lacroix

The meeting was called to order at 5:13 PM by Susan Norman.

Glen Johnston and Jeff Sexton.

Introductions were made around the table.

Previous Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Corrections were noted. Motioned to accept the minutes as corrected was made by Martin and seconded by Jeffery. Motion carried.

We have received correspondence regarding:
• Young workers conference (21-22 Sep)
• Sep 9 there will be a guest speaker at the PSAC office in Winnipeg. Talk will be “Political Awareness – Why We Should All Be Informed”

Business from Correspondence

We have been struggling for new members and several discussion points were discussed.
• How can we get people involved?
• We need to rally members.
• Try a meeting in the Park next spring.
• Hold meeting(s) at BU.
• Many of the people at the meeting were not aware of the existence of WMAC until recently.
• We need to post a poster or some sort of info package in all workplaces or e-mail, letters to area PSAC members informing them of the council.
• Posters without agenda in as many workplaces as possible, preferably 3 weeks prior to meetings.
• Approach Tracy for a membership list.

There are lots of rumours around regarding the current round of negotiations.

How can we get PSAC members engaged in campaigns? Members seem to be willing to walk the line but not much else.

Essential Services
There are issues with essential services and an appearance of less conversation between Labour and Management. In discussions and meeting at the components, local management is as uninformed as labour in what is going on.

19th of the Month Campaign
Check the regional website and see what others are doing. The national PSAC website is no longer posting this information as management was using this information against the union.

Community Projects
We need to get involved in more of these as well as involving more of our members in these activities. The United Way Christmas Tree Auction is one that the group has participated in in the past.

Women’s Committee
Will be having a meeting here right after this meeting.

The council still needs a President. Members of the council have many other responsibilities and are unable to commit to this position. Susan explained the duties of the President to the new members at the meeting. Jennifer stated that she was willing to consider the position. After some discussion, Susan nominated Jennifer which was seconded by Martin. Jennifer Grant was elected President by acclamation.

New Business

Points from the Floor
Martin informed the council that they now have an Advisor to Parks Canada Union as a paid position. This was passed at their last convention. The Union elects the position and the employer pays the salary.
BU will schedule an information session as soon as they get better organized. Several members are able to participate.
The next meeting will be either 22 or 29 of Oct.
There will be a Labour Day picnic on the 1st of Sep.

Roque made a motion to adjourn at 6:10 PM. The motion was carried.