Westman Area Council; Meeing Minutes – Aug 9, 2017

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman (APSAR)

Westman Area Council
09 Aug 2017 – 5pm
BDLC Office
Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman (APSAR)
Regrets: Tracy Thor (PSAC RO)

Call to Order:
Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:07pm
PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
Sr Grant appointed for the meeting.
Previous Minutes:
Amendment of spelling. M – Br Weisgerber, S – Br Kaminski. Carried
Treasurer’s Report:
Br Johnston reported a balance of $3413.86 as of June 30, 2017. Noted that January bank statement is still missing of statements received from RO.
No additions but agenda amended to move discussion of resolutions to last order of business.
Agenda Items:
• PRC meeting – Br Johnston provided a brief update on the first PRC meeting held in Saskatoon July 7th and 8th of the newly elected council. Approximately half of the council is new and Day 1 covered the roles and responsibilities of the members. Day 2 involved some discussion of the next Regional Convention location and how it will be selected based on the criteria established by PSAC National. Br Weisgerber added the scheduling of conference calls and meetings and set up of PRC Committees. Br Johnston will be on Finance, Br Weisgerber on Bylaws.

• Labour Day – Sr Norman advised that the BDLC will be holding the BBQ at the UFCW on Richmond Ave this year. Br Sexton will respond to the RO to order swag and prizes for the event and will request any information about Phoenix that is available to give out.

o Sr Grant put forth a motion to donate $200 to the BDLC for the BBQ. S – Br Johnston and carried
Br Tepleski suggested securing the PSAC prize wheel from the RO as an attraction to the table and also requesting a large Phoenix poster if available. Br Sexton will add this to the request for swag and prizes.
o Sr Grant put forth a motion to spend $50 toward prizes for the wheel if able to secure from PSAC, and if the WMAC is able to have volunteers to attend the event. S – Br Kaminski and carried

• Resolutions to PSAC 2018 Convention (full resolutions attached)

o Resolution # 001 – Election of Delegate to PSAC National Triennial Convention
M – Br Glen Johnston. S – Br Mike Weisgerber. Carried
o Resolution # 002 – Transgender Participation at Women’s Committees
M – Br Glen Johnston. S – Br Martin Kaminski. Carried
o Resolution # 003 – Transgender Education
M – Br Glen Johnston. S – Br Layne Tepleski. Carried
o Resolution # 004 – Collective Bargaining – Cooling Off Period
Group discussion lead to withdrawal of this submission.
Points from the floor:
• Bargaining updates – nothing new of note as most teams resume in the fall.

• WAA Strike – Sr Benson has requested we show our support by not flying out, or transferring flights, in Winnipeg or Toronto. Br Sexton has been on the picket line and requested we go if able to show our support.

• RO is holding Union Knowledge Keepers (Aboriginal Education) on Oct 28/29 in Winnipeg. Registration deadline is Oct 6th.

• There is a regional Hardship Committee set up for UCTE striking members.

• Call out by the RO for Regional Health and Safety Committee input. Respond with suggestions to PRC Committee Chair, Gus Mardli by Sept 8th.

• Br Sexton will consult with the RO regarding our next meeting as an AGM. Will update with response when received.

• Pride in the Park – Br Kaminski advised that this event is scheduled from Sept 5-10 at RMNP.

• Banking updates – due to the closure of the Westoba Credit Union Branch on Princess Ave in the fall (the Area Council’s primary branch), it was decided to transfer the Council’s banking to the Westoba Credit Union located at the Corral Centre. The following Executive Officers will have signing authority on the account:

1. President – Jeff Sexton
2. Vice President – Martin Kaminski
3. Treasurer – Glen Johnston
Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Oct 11th @ 5pm at the BDLC. Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 7:37pm.