Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 12, 2021)

Westman Area Council – October 12, 2021

PSAC Westman Area Council
12 October 2021
Zoom and Teleconference

Attendees: Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Glen Johnston, Tracy Thor (staff), Jennifer Grant, Dawn MacLennan, Jeff Sexton (guest)

  1. Call to order
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:15pm.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr. Tracy Thor for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented. M-Br Johnston, S – Sr Grant

Previous Minutes
Presented (5 Aug, 2021) and approved. M – Sr Grant, S – Br Johnston

President’s Report:
Br Weisgerber presented there was only 1 Regional call a couple of weeks ago. The Treasury Board has pushed out the vaccine mandate which has made it busy at the local level.

Treasurer’s Report:
Sr Grant reported the current balance is $742.99. The financial statement were presented by Sr Grant as treasurer.
S – Sr MacLennan. Carried

Agenda Items:

  1. Old Business:
    No carry over items
  2. PSAC Triennial Convention Delegate Election
    Sr. Thor ran the elections for the Delegate and Alternate for PSAC Triennial Convention.

For the Delegate Br. Weisgerber was nominated by Br. Johnston and seconded by Sr. Grant – Carried.
For the Alternate Sr. Grant was nominated by Br, Johnston and seconded by Sr. MacLennan – Carried

  1. Upcoming Activities:
    Br. Johnston motioned for a request to go to the REVP of the Prairies for $2500 budget funding for the United Way Christmas Tree Auction. Seconded by Sr. Grant – Carried
  2. Points from the Floor:
    Sr. Thor mentioned there are a few courses on the UNDE website are being run virtually. The courses are:
    Talking Union Basics (TUB) 29-30 Oct.21
    Grievance Handling 10, 11, 13 Dec. 21
    Prairie School 6-7 Dec. 21
    Check the PSAC website for the upcoming course.

Sr. Thor mentioned the Young Workers are having an event on Nov 3. I thought this would be a good idea to reach out the Brandon University. It could be a good draw to bring the young workers from Brandon University.

Sr. Thor mentioned the new policy on vaccine mandate will withstand any legal challenges.

  1. Next meeting
    Br Weisgerber set the next meeting on 9 Nov 21 at 5 PM
  2. Meeting adjourned:at 5:45pm.