Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (December 10, 2019)

Westman Area Council
10 December 2019
BDLC Office

Attendees: Martin Kaminski (Chair), Glen Johnston, Michael Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, Jeff Griffith, Tracy Thor (PSAC staff rep)

Westman Area Council
10 December 2019
BDLC Office

Attendees: Martin Kaminski (Chair), Glen Johnston, Michael Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, Jeff Griffith, Tracy Thor (PSAC staff rep)

Call to Order:  
Br Kaminski called the meeting to order at 5:20pm. Br Kaminski chaired the meeting as a letter was received from Br Sexton resigning his office due to personal reasons.

PSAC Harassment Coordinator: 
Sr Thor appointed for the meeting.

Previous Minutes:
Presented and approved. M – Br Johnston, S – Br Griffith. Carried

Treasurer’s Report:
Sr Grant reported the current balance is $4233.22.  Holiday Tree Auction expenses still be paid from balance.
Br Weisgerber seconded. Carried
A motion to cover additional 2 entry tickets to Holiday Tree Auction should it be determined that that were not billed to us in error.   It was believed they were covered by our entry fee.
M – Br Johnston, S – Br Griffith. Carried
A motion was presented to remove Br Sexton as a signing authority for the WMAC and Secretary Br Michael Weisgerber be added.
M – Br Johnston, S – Br Griffith. Carried

Br Kaminski moved Agenda as circulated. Sr Grant seconded. Carried.

Agenda Items:

  • PRC Update
    Br Johnston presented that at the last PRC meeting much of the time was spent on preparation for the upcoming PSAC Prairies Triennial Convention.
    Changes are being made to the financial package handbook following all of the training and consultation sessions.Significant change is that all submissions must be approved at a general meeting and be reflected in the minutes.As well, submissions must be to the PRC Rep for the council/committee by 1 March 2020.The rep will review and forward a complete package to the regional office by 15 March 2020.
    Councils/Committees are required to have 2 years of records retained locally and 5 years of records retained at their Regional Office.
    The final version of the Financial Handbook is included in the Prairie Region Regulations.
    Deadline for delegate registration to Prairie Region Triennial Convention is Feb 28, 2020.
  • Resolutions for Prairie Region Convention
    Br Weisgerber presented a resolution for “District Labour Council Affiliation Subsidy”
    M- Br Weisgerber, S- Sr Grant. Carried
    Attached as annex A to these minutes
    Sr Grant presented a resolution for “Financial Package Notification of Assessment Results”
    M – Sr Grant, S – Br Weisgerber. Carried
    Attached as annex B to these minutes.
  • Election of Representative to Prairie Region Council
    Sr Thor ascended to Chair of meeting to conduct the election.
    Br Weisgerber was nominated
    M – Br Johnston, S – Br Kaminski
  • Election of Delegate to 2020 Prairie Region Convention
    No election was required as the PRC Representative elect will be the delegate
  • Points from the Floor
    Total raised by United Way at the event was $27,118.00.
    Everyone is encouraged to sign and submit the PSAC mandate letter on bargaining to the Prime Minister and Local Member of Parliament.
    Dates were discussed for upcoming PIC hearings.The PSAC brief for the PA table submission is available online.
    The recent PSAC National Health & Safety Conference was discussed, many good topics and workshops were presented.In particular, duty to accommodate for cannabis in the workplace was very informative.

Meeting adjourned at 6:37pm.


Annex A to WMAC 10 Dec minutes

WMAC Resolution 1 to Prairie Region Convention

District Labour Council Affiliation Subsidy

Joining a District Labour Council provides a valuable opportunity for PSAC members to gather with fellow Labour Activists in their Local area to exchange information, extend mutual support, and represent the interests of working people in their community.

PSAC and Area Councils cannot directly affiliate with District Labour Councils.

Affiliating with a District Labour Council is not free and all PSAC benefits from Locals that affiliate and assist with maintaining strong District Labour Councils.

Community and Grass Roots involvement is an efficient and effective way for the labour movement to work cooperatively, develop activists and leaders, and promote more ctive memberships. 

The PSAC Prairie Region will subsidize 50 % of the affiliation fee up to a max of $400/year to assist Locals to affiliate with their Local District Labour Council(s).                            


Annex B to WMAC 10 Dec minutes

WMAC Resolution 2 to Prairie Region Convention

Financial Package Notification of Assessment Results

Councils/Committees are required to submit annual financial packages to their respective Prairie Region Council Representative by a required date. 

In the past councils/committees have submitted their financial packages on time and been required to wait an incredible length of time to be informed of their results and receive their financial allocation.

Assessment of the packages does take time, however the required submission date and package requirements are provided by the assessment authority.  

Planning and scheduling of package assessments can be done well in advance as the submission dates are known to the assessment authority.

The PSAC Prairie Region will add to the regulations that councils/committees will receive a notification of the results of the assessment of their financial package by 60 calendar days after the date of required submission.