Westman Area Council AGM Minutes (March 4, 2020)

PSAC Westman Area Council AGM
4 March 2020
BDLC Office

Attendees: Martin Kaminski (Chair), Glen Johnston, Michael Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, Jeff Sexton, Tina Matias-Bouchard (PSAC staff rep) by telecom.

Call to Order:
– Br Kaminski called the meeting to order at 5:06 p.m.

PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
– Dr. Sexton appointed for the meeting.

Agenda Amendment
– presented by the chair that previous meeting minutes be presented and approved not last years’ AGM minutes.
– Carried.

Previous Minutes:
– Presented and approved. M – Br JOhnston, S – Sr Grant. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
– Sr Grant reported the current balance is $1282.98
– The complete transaction log for the last fiscal year was presented.
– The annual financial statement was presented.
– The new fiscal year budget request and breakdown were presented.
– All present documents were discussed and moved for acceptance and presented by Sr Grant as Treasurer.
– S – Br Johnston. Carried.
– The financial statement for submission to PSAC was presented and reviewed, Auditing was not available at this meeting as extreme poor weather conditions prevented members from attending and performing the audit.
– A motion was made by Sr Grant (Treasurer) to approve the Audited Financial Statement pending no findings of error by the auditors the Financial statement will need to be presented again to the WMAC.
– Auditing to be performed in the next few days by the Auditors whom were unable to attend the meeting.
– S – Br. Weisgerber. Carried.

– Br Kaminski moved Agenda as amended. S – Sr Grant. Carried.

Agenda Items:
Sr Matias-Bouchard ascended to Chair of meeting to conduct the elections.
Election of Vice President
Br Weisgerber was nominated
M – Br Sexton, S – Br Kaminski
Election of Secretary
Br Johnston was nominated
M – Br Kaminski, S – Br Sexton
Declined, thanking the nominations
The council will continue to recruit for the position.

The signing officers for the WMAC will now be, Pres – Martin Kaminski, V Pres – Michael Weisgerber, treas – Jennifer Grant.
Br Kaminski resumed the Chair.

Bargaining Update
– All Local TB bargaining groups have recieved or are awaiting PIC reports
– All Local TB bargaining groups have begun or will soon begin strike votes
– The PSAC is the most current and accurate location for all Collective Bargaining information for all bargaining groups, please consult to find any information.

PRC Update
– Br Johnston presented that at the last PRC meeting (Feb. 27,28) much of the time was spent on preparation for the upcoming PSAC Praries Triennial Convention.
– A moment of silence was observed for all members that have lost their lives or are battling illness or injury for the first time at PRC
– Final update for Financial guidelines package was approved by PRC and will now be available for future years
– Extension was approved for submitting credentials for Prairies Triennial Convetion as only a third of expected credentials have been recieved.
– The 12 months selected for determining delegates entitlement was set by National and cannot be altered.
– Agenda for the PSAC Prairies Triennial Convention has not yet been set.
– The allocation meeting to determine funding to budget requests has been set for March 27,28 for submissions submitted on time. Late submissions may not be reviewed until after PSAC Prairies Triennial Convention.

Motion to accept report
– M – Br Weisgerber, S – Sr Grant
– Carried

Points from the floor
– Discussion about Local’s issues with grievances, strike training, and strike awareness

Next meeting set for June 23, 5 p.m., BDLC Office.

Meeting adjourned at 6:38 p.m.