Westman Area Council – December 2, 2015

Westman Area Council
Brandon District Labour Council Office
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Type of meeting: General Meeting
Acting Secretary: Roque Lacroix

Attendees: Roque Lacroix(Chair), Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Susan Norman

Regrets: Jennifer Grant, and Samantha Aymont

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:40pm by Brother Lacroix

2. Previous Minutes

Brother Kaminski motions, Brother Johnston seconds
minutes accepts as amended
passes unanimously.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Brother Sexton says current balance was $1381.20. With cheques received $500 from UNDE local 50704, $200 from BDL council, $750 from PSAC prairie region social justice fund. With these additions the total balance comes to $2881.20

4. Ongoing Business

4.1 Coffee Sleeves

Coffee sleeves went extremely well. Were giving them away at Coffee Culture and Just Brew. Coffee Sleeves went well at Brandon University. Sleeves were not accepted at Canad Inns.

4.2 All Candidates Meeting

One meeting was held in Dauphin, where all candidates appeared and it went over quite well. Brandon University also went well and had all candidates appear.

4.3 United Christmas Tree Auction

We can show up as early as 3pm Glen hopes to be there at 2:30pm. Brother Johnston is in talks with Jerry Stewart from UCT to pool resources. Budgeted $100 for decorations, and $400 for presents for 4 kids and 1 adult. $2000 will be set aside for auctioning purposes which totals $2500 dollars budgeted for the event. Will try to pay after the event.

5. New Business

5.1 Bi-Election for new Secretary

Brother Kaminski nominates Glen Johnston for the position of secretary
Brother Sexton seconds the nomination
Brother Johnston accept the nomination and wins by acclamation.

6. Points from the Floor

Sister Norman is the Manitoba Vice-President EPSAR.

Sister Benson met in Edmonton 27 – 29 for committee meetings. Coming out of prairies part, the sister spoke on the 28th. She discussed prioritizing demands, striking a strategy committee to decide what is to be prioritized. She also spoke about how the regional convention could not be held in Alberta at 2017. Link from prairie view council will be online.

September 6, 2016 PSAC will begin distributing convention call-out and registration
December 8 is the subsidies deadline and march 16th is the deadline to qualify for hotel group rates
Convention is to be held on April 21, 2017.

PSAC constitution states Area Council Rep won’t be elected any earlier than six months, and no later than ten months. We have to move the AGM between April and October of 2016 to qualify having a representative sent to the Regional Convention.

Convention Committee has national officer as a co-chair and a member.

7. Adjournment

Brother Kaminski motions to adjourn
Passes unanimously.